4 Topics To Avoid On Social Platforms – Friendors Consultancy

Living in 2017 means living on the internet. Sometimes, since this virtual world isn’t tangible, there’s a bit of a disconnect when sharing our thoughts. We feel safe and maybe share things we shouldn’t – our personal opinions that are our own and not really our brands. While your brand should reflect some level of you personally, we have to remember that we are not our brand.

We’re here to share 4 topics you should avoid on social platforms if you want your brand to stay well liked in the public’s eyes.

  • Sports: This one almost seems silly and you may even be wondering why, but people take their sports seriously. That sports fan who was considering hiring you? Their blood is boiling at your latest post bragging about your team winning against theirs.
  • Religion: Individuals have religions, not companies. Sharing your personal beliefs in your brand can close the door to a lot of opportunities, scare people off, and really limit your clientele.
  • Politics: Do we even need to go over why politics should be avoided on social platforms? Unless your entire brand is about being dedicated to some cause as an advocate, leave the political rants off your business and personal profiles.
  • Negativity: Read everything before you post it. If it has the slightest hint of negativity in any form – complaining, worrying, etc – don’t post it. Clients should be uplifted when visiting your profiles and putting negativity into the world doesn’t do any one any good and just makes you look bad.

Our advice is to audit your social profiles as they are now and remove anything that falls in these categories or anything questionable.

Our additional advice is to follow your gut despite our advice. If your company banks off Christian weddings, maybe it’s okay to post religious things. If you donate part of your company’s profit to womens rights, maybe it’s okay to post politics…

But if your company is not based in these fields, stay on everyone’s happy side and far away from these topics.

Is Your Company Mobile Friendly? – Friendors Consultancy

We went to Wedding MBA and learned lots last week and plan to share some of our findings with you over the next few weeks.

This week, we’re talking about being mobile friendly and are here to present a few statistics given to us by Sonny G of WeddingWire.

Did you know there are more mobile phones on the Earth than people?

Did you know there are more mobile phones on the Earth than tooth brushes? More than the number of toilets?

Did you know we sell more phones than babies are born?

Did you know that people pick their phone up every 6 minutes?

Did you know that Google has the choice to not display you in the results if your website isn’t mobile friendly?

Now that you know all of these facts, are you 100 percent positive your website is mobile friendly?

Here’s a link to find out quickly:


Click here to read some of what we learned at Wedding MBA last year and stay tuned for more to come. 🙂

4 Ways To Get Motivated About The Industry Again – Friendors Consultancy

Feeling jaded, burnt out? We know how it feels and we’re here to tell you that it’s normal to encounter boredom many years into your career – we think most people, regardless of what industry they are in, can get stuck doing things a certain way and get bored or burnt out on something they in actuality love, without realizing. (if you’re encountering these feelings too early on in your career, maybe you should reconsider your path instead of looking for ways to get motivated?)

You know you’re a die hard wedding and party fan, you know you love the industry, but are just a little worn out after years of wedding and event seasons – that’s okay. We’re sure Britney Spears has days where she doesn’t want to go on stage because she’s not feeling it. But you know what she does? She battles through like a Diva and loves every minute of it, finding new ways to enjoy it, and falls in love with performing over and over again – just like you do (and can do) with your business.

So, here are 4 simple ways to get you motivated about this incredible industry again.

  1. Go to a conference – they excite like no other. The classes (if you choose wisely from the line ups) are totally beneficial and educational, get you pumped like a mofo, and have you coming home with so many new ideas. But it doesn’t stop there (man, I swear). They also have PARTIES at these conferences. And guess what? These parties are for YOU. Yes, that’s right – after a lifetime of making other peoples parties bomb ass, you get a bomb ass one for you and all your Friendors. After watching everyone else drink and have fun event after event after event (times almost every weekend of the year), you get to grab yourself a few cocktails and shake your cute lil thang. And when you’re dancing like a wild child in the middle of the dance floor or talking with an entrepreneur you admire that you got to meet after class, you remember why you began in the party industry to begin with – you love events and want everyone to have this heart exploding feeling you feel right in this moment. Going to your own party makes you appreciate all parties.
  2. Attend a wedding without any expectations. This one is a little difficult because it’s mostly in our heads. We all get caught up with wanting every wedding to be the prettiest wedding ever, the one wedding that makes us go viral online and makes the phone start ringing so much that you have to hire a team of receptionists (the dream!). We want these things so badly that we forget about the couples and create expectations in our head and are let down by our own fault, instead of appreciating each love story for what it is – beautiful. We challenge you (and ourselves!!) to go to a wedding without any expectations. Don’t be sad if a couple spends 500 on flowers instead of 5,000. Don’t think DIY means ugly (we’ve found it to usually mean the opposite because artists do DIY weddings often). Don’t think about how you would have done it if it were yours. It’s not yours – it’s theirs and it’s perfect and you should just enjoy the honor of being a part of it.
  3. Do something just for you at the wedding. We know we just told you that it’s all about the couple and to drop your expectations at the door, but if you’re feeling down – go in with plans to do something just for you to make you enjoy the night. We once told a DJ who was tiring of playing the same top 40’s music every weekend to choose a song he really dug before each wedding, whether it was one the crowd would know or not, and make plans to play it. Just for himself. Mix it in some fun way to make it about the crowd so they enjoy it too. It will rejuvenate you to go in and get something you want out of an event and to see other people digging it.
  4. Personal projects are where it’s at. By personal projects, we mean a couple of things. We mean personal as in nothing to do with your career personal, and personal as in a decision to make your career more fun personal. Styled shoots are a great form of personal projects – the kind that make your career more fun which makes your personal life better. It’s your chance to do what you would do if it were yours (it’s okay to have those thoughts, just not at every wedding!). You’re tired of seeing the same style weddings every weekend? Design something you want and get it published and put it on your website. You sell what you show so if you show what you want, your personal life gets better because you enjoy your weddings more. And don’t stress over it – these personal projects aren’t things you have to do and you shouldn’t treat them like work, even if it helps your work life. They’re projects. Fun art projects.

Until next time, click here to read more Friendor Tips.


6 Networking Tips Part 1 – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors! One of our favorite things to do is network. Network, network, network. So, we thought we’d begin a Networking Tips Series for ya. Here’s Part 1: 6 Networking Tips.

1. Wear a conversation starter. This makes it easy to break the ice and will make people remember you. For example, instead of a simple black dress – why don’t you wear a sequin top and some glitter cat ears like Schellie from Far Out Galaxy? Or a wedding gown and some kick ass accessories like Baton Bob.  Everyone loves a cat and everyone loves a bride. What can be your thing? (seriously, get to thinking!)

2. Have a drink or two. But not too many. You should loosen up a little and a drink or two is a great way to do that – but you don’t want to be blabbering and then unable to drive yourself home. The company providing the alcohol is probably doing it as a Sponsor (for free) for promotional purposes and they’re there for you to enjoy. Do.

(Awestruck Ciders featured below at The Blogcademy)


3. “What brings you out?” is the best first question to ask. It gets you straight to the point to see if your relationship is compatible and if it could become mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

4. Sure, ask what brings them out but go deeper once you know that answer (if you feel compelled to continue the conversation). What do they do when they’re not working? This is a great way to make a personal connection. Maybe they are (just like you!) trying to learn how to roll their own Sushi with Youtube Videos too – you never know.


5. Have business cards. Too many business cards. You never know if someone wants 100 business cards of yours instead of one.


6. Name tag. Pleeeeeeazzzzzzz. It makes it so much easier to remember you and it’s just a nice thing to do.

Until Part 2!


Friendors Consultancy

Pros of Being Published Online – Wedding and Event Industry Friendors

Heya, Friendors!

Every time we begin planning an Inspiration Collaboration, we talk about whether we are going to submit it for Print or to a Blog, and we are huge fans of print (oh you fancy huh?) but want to share a little bit of our thoughts on being published on blogs, because we hear it being knocked a lot and we’re not sure the whole industry has realized how dang cool the internet is yet. You might just switch up your gears after we share all it’s pros.


sparkling-heart   It’s 2016. Print, while not dead, is not the only media you need to be accredited in. Your brand needs to have an internet presence. Gotta look cool.

sparkling-heart   Since it’s online, it’s free for viewers. They don’t have to physically purchase a magazine which means more potential viewers due to easier access.

sparkling-heart   You can actually see the reach. All of the professionals involved are sharing it – you notice a bunch of new followers on Instagram, the blog (where the HUGE following is) shares it on their facebook, instagram, twitter. You can see the number of shares, the number of likes, and more, as it’s happening. The internet is where things go viral, my friends.

sparkling-heart   SEO. When people link to your site from their site, it gives Google a little flag that you’re a reputable website that people trust which means you move up in the search results pages.

sparkling-heart   Clickable link to your site. The blogs actually put clickable links in their features to your website, which not only helps SEO like we mentioned above, but also makes engaged leads click through to your site and possibly on over to your contact form. Can they click to you through a magazine? Didn’t think so.

sparkling-heart   More permanent. A new magazine issue comes out and everyone throws away the old one, but the internet won’t throw you away.

sparkling-heart   Brides are collecting inspiration and info from blogs. When you are on their favorite blog, they trust you. Six Hearts Photography once had a bride book them purely because she saw them on her two favorite blogs, Rock N Roll Bride and Offbeat Bride, within the same week. The power of the internet.


There are tons and tons more reasons we love blogs and believe they are beneficial – maybe we’ll share some more with you later. Want to share why you love getting published online? Email us at schellie@faroutgalaxy.com to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

4 Ways to Collaborate With Other Professionals – Wedding + Events Industry – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors!

We’re firm believers in collaborating with other industry professionals even if it’s not at paying gig – so we’ve got a few ways for ya to do it and some info on how these collaborating opportunities can be beneficial.


  1. Inspiration Collaborations. Let’s face it, these things are basically art projects we do with our professional friends – how does that not sound fun? You get creative freedom and friendship. You want a boho bride but have never gotten one? You want to start booking more city weddings? You get what you show on your website and social sites. Reach out to us to do Boho or City Inspiration Collaboration – not only will you get content to begin to attract the types of clients you want, but you also get an amazing networking opportunity AND you get published. If that isn’t one of the coolest things on the planet, we don’t know what is. Click here to Register to be a Friendor for an opportunity at an Inspiration Collaboration with us.
  2. Guest Blog Posts. Regular old websites aren’t cutting it anymore – we’ve all got to be blogging and if we’ve gotta do it, why not do it together? If you’re a Catering company, do a guest post on all your favorite Fine China companies. If you’re any company, ask a Wedding Planner to share her ideal schedule on your blog. Not only will it be helpful to your clients and potential clients, the Friendor you feature will share it, which grows your brand – and the information might be so helpful that it just goes viral. Wouldn’t that be nuts? They may even ask to do a guest blog on you in return – a super fun way to build your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – something we ALLLLL need to do ALLLL the time. Email us at Schellie@FarOutGalaxy.com to get some guest blogging opportunities.
  3. Networking Events. Events just for industry professionals are one of the greatest ways to meet new people. Go alone to your first one and meet everyone you can. Ask them what brings them out, talk about things other than work, and you may find someone you genuinely bond with that you could create a beautiful referral network with. Ask them to go to a future networking event with you and then actually go to the next together – but don’t get too clique-y with it; you want to make sure you stay open to new opportunities as well. Stay caught up on our blog cause we announce networking events occasionally. 
  4. Instagram Giveaways. Instagram Giveaways are good because they grow your social base – which makes you look more successful to your peers and may even drive more traffic to your website. You can get around 10 professional accounts involved, get a giveaway from a company for free, and promote the hell out of each other with it. You may find your company account growing by the hundreds overnight – all the people trying to get that Kylie Cosmetics lip gloss (or whatever the heck she’s got going on) or Starbucks giftcards, or whatever ya like. Tip: Don’t give away any of your services for free. Ever. Click here to Register for a chance to be in on our future Instagram Giveaways.


That’s all we’ve got for now – see ya on a future Monday.


Friendors Consultancy

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Book That Client You Have a Bad Feeling About – Friendor

Sometimes you go to a meeting with a potential client, a lead, and things just click. You’re flowing off each others vibes, you laugh on the same ques, and share the same vision for the big day. And their outfit is great.

Sometimes, although we may not like to admit it, we go to a meeting with a lead that is the opposite – conversation lacks, you think their burlap idea is so 2011, they ask if you can do ‘this’ and then proceed to show you someone else’s work (that’s totally not your style!) but, for some reason, they still book you. Why? Because you let them. Because they invested time with you and you didn’t refer them to someone else like maybe you should have.

We’re here to share with you 4 Reasons why, in an industry that gives us the freedom to do so, you should follow your gut when it comes to choosing your own clients, and how to let go of the idea that all incoming leads are potential clients.

1. Referring out may get you referrals in

If you do contemporary creative photography but your lead is only showing you traditional work as inspiration, you may not be the best match. Sure, you can do traditional work (no problem) but is that the type of work you want to advertise? Is it something you’re not bored doing? Won’t you feel like a sell out? Will your client be happy? Isn’t it best to send Suzy and Bobby down to the local traditional studio? (you know, since you can recognize the photos they’re showing you from that studio anyways?) Who knows, that studio just may send over their modern clients to you that they realize aren’t a fit for them.

2. Don’t tarnish your brand. You get what you show.

If you photograph in a style that’s a little too edgy for someone (while perfect for others), but you give in to a sale (hey, you needed the money!) and tone it down and shoot a full wedding traditionally, sure, you got their money – along with a bunch of photos you can’t use for anything and a really boring experience. Your brand means something and has it’s own style and there are clients out there who will love you for what you do; don’t tarnish your style.

You want to constantly be creating work that you can use for marketing purposes so you can get more work you like. If you keep doing rustic style weddings when you really want to industrial city weddings, you’ve got to make a change. How? You get what you show. Present your #InspirationCollaboration concept to us and we just may help ya. (seriously, this changed our professionals game when it comes to targeting the right client)

3. Your Unhappiness

If you book someone who may not be the best fit, you’re bound to be miserable the entire process, doing both you and the client a disservice. If you get anxiety when their name pops up in your email, sign a little and roll your eyes as you say “what now?” (we’ve all experienced this with a client before), you can usually look back and realize all the warning signs of the bad match. Listen to those signs in the future.

4. Unhappy Clients = Bad Reviews

You’ve booked someone who you had a gut feeling you shouldn’t have and now not only are you stuck with them for a years time (depending on how far in advance they book you) but you’re most likely stuck with them unhappy. For like, ever. That client isn’t unhappy with you just for the time you work with them; they’re unhappy with you for the rest of their lives because their wedding is a once in a life time experience and they didn’t like you.  You may have done a perfect job, a job someone else would have given you a five star review for, but that doesn’t matter. A bad match is a bad match. Bad matches lead to unhappy parties. What do you get from unhappy clients? Unhappy reviews.

A potential client sent out the door to a different professional may seem like a failure, a sale lost, but referring a bad match to someone who may be a good match for them is the only ethical way to run your business. Every client that you get should be the perfect client for you and you the perfect professional for them – exactly what they need. How do you know if a client is a bad match? Your gut, we say.

Saving Time + Money as an Entrepreneur – Productivity Tips – Friendors Consultancy


Top of the morning to ya, friendors! We’ve been thinking a lot about saving time and money as an Entrepreneur and wanted to share just a few productivity tips that we do with you.

One of the best tips we ever heard uttered was from a speaker at WPPI, and forgive us because we can’t remember who it was, but they said the first thing for you to do to save time and money was to automate your life and outsource tasks that you don’t enjoy or that don’t directly make you money. There were two specific examples given.

We were doing both of these things before we heard this speaker, feeling a little guilty over it and mainly blaming it on our laziness and desire to make life easy, but after hearing it said by someone on stage, realized that these things are actually really beneficial to our company and wanted to preach you our ways.

Example: Instead of buying your toilet paper and paper towels at the grocery store, set up Amazon’s Subscription Service to automatically deliver these items to you on a schedule – you won’t have to waste your valuable time shopping for this anymore and it’s the same price. It just arrives in a big ol’ box on your front doorstep. Put everything you can on this Subscribe and Save program. We get our Brushing Rinse, TP, feminine products, and more delivered straight to our home. This will save you 10 – 20 minutes in the store, the gas money, and many last minute trips when you run out of toilet paper. Time is money.

Example: Instead of cleaning your own home, find a service or individual to come in once a week and get it spick and span. While they are cleaning, you can be doing something beneficial for your company, that you actually enjoy, that makes you many times more than you’re paying for the cleaning. We felt really guilty about doing this for a long time (stereotypes that you’re a spoiled diva if you don’t clean your own home), but the truth is that not cleaning your own home (of course still pick up after yourself) will transform your life in magical ways and no guilt should be felt, especially when it frees you up to benefit your business and well being.

Since we see the benefit of these things, we searched the internet and found some articles about personal productivity and saving money and are sharing them with you below.

Hope you can incorporate some of these productivity and money saving tips into your life and business!

Have any tips you want to share with us? Email us at schellie@faroutgalaxy.com 😉


Friendor Feature – Atlanta’s Best Skyline Venue – Ventanas

ventanas friendor feature

Hiya, Friendors! We hope you’re having a lovely Monday morning. It’s February and we’re feelin’ the love coming on something serious this time of year. Speaking of love, you know what we love?

Finding incredible views! We’re here with a Friendor Feature on the venue we’re officially dubbing as THE best skyline view in Atlanta, Ventanas.

We got to go out to Ventanas to photograph the space and also hosted an Inspiration Collaboration that was PUBLISHED on Offbeat Bride, a wedding blog with over 1.3 MILLION hits per month.

Click here to view the photos from Six Hearts Photography and the feature on Offbeat Bride.

It’s no surprise the shoot was published right away; we had some amazing professionals involved and Ventanas is just STUNNING.

Ventanas is in the best possible location you could imagine, above the Hilton Garden Inn in Downtown Atlanta, just next to Centennial Olympic Park, The World of Coke, and the Georgia Aquarium. It has a helipad with a full 360 view of the city. Just. Amazing.

Ventanas Wedding Inspiration Collaboration - Six Hearts Photography01

We were greeted by Hannah, the Catering Sales Manager, and got to chat with her for a little bit before she gave tours of the space and tastings to newly engaged couples.

friendor feature ventanas 27

While talking, she cultured us – did you know Ventanas means Windows in English? Yep, sure does. And let us tell you something about the windows in this space – they are FLOOR TO CEILING.

friendor feature ventanas 19

But it doesn’t stop there (man, I swear).

They also have a deck with a bar and a fire pit and so much more. Enjoy the photos of this beautiful venue below and read about all of its amenities (like an open floor plan, a spiral stair case, and epic make out views, eeeek!!)!

Ventanas Wedding Photography - Six Hearts Photography008 friendor feature ventanas 1 friendor feature ventanas 23 friendor feature ventanas 14 friendor feature ventanas 20 friendor feature ventanas 21 friendor feature ventanas 22 friendor feature ventanas 12 friendor feature ventanas 25 friendor feature ventanas 6 friendor feature ventanas 7 friendor feature ventanas 3 friendor feature ventanas 9 friendor feature ventanas 5 friendor feature ventanas 15 friendor feature ventanas 8 friendor feature ventanas 11 friendor feature ventanas 10 friendor feature ventanas 4 4850759

Just as we dubbed it the best Skyline View in Atlanta, we’re gonna go ahead and say it’s got some of the most killer amenities as well. Here are some amenities as taken from their website.

Exclusive Amenities from Atlanta’s Premier Rooftop Event Space

For groups up to 500, Ventanas will help you create and define an unforgettable, signature event through exclusive features, which include:

  • 9,547 sq. ft. of indoor/ outdoor and rooftop entertaining space
  • Two-story floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Self or valet parking
  • Private entrance with optional VIP red carpet
  • Helipad, which offers a dramatic element to your event
  • Dedicated “space shot” elevator
  • Furnished green room
  • Exclusive outdoor deck with bar, fire pits, soft seating and elevated VIP seating area
  • Media wall branding and promotion opportunities
  • Incredible views of downtown Atlanta’s world-class icons, with views of Buckhead, Midtown, Stone Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain
  • The opportunity to expand your event into a signature experience with attractions within walking distance, including: Georgia World Congress Center, Philips Arena, Georgia Dome, CNN, Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, and dining, retail and entertainment offerings in the Luckie Marietta District

3 Topics We Learned About at Wedding MBA

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset

Hey there!

We here at Friendors Consultancy are firm believers in soaking up knowledge and making learning fun. ? When there’s a conference in Las Vegas for our industry, there’s a pretty high chance you’re gonna find us there. Naturally.

We recently made our way from Atlanta, GA out to Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual Wedding MBA (Merchants Business Academy) conference.

Chocked full of big names and speakers like Wedding Wire, The Knot, Perfect Wedding Guide, Alan Berg, Jason Hennessey, and more, we’re reporting back to say this may be our new favorite conference. Don’t tell the others. ?

We returned with bazillions of notes we took on our iPhones (we’re paperless!) and are here to share just 3 topics we learned about and who we learned em from so you can give the topic a closer look yourself.

1⃣ SEO

Even if you don’t know everything about it, we’ve all heard of SEO, the magical Internet concept we’re all dying to conquer. (Google, Google, I want you to notice me as bad as I wanted my 7th grade crush to.) SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is pretty much the key to the future and your success. ??

So, here are a few things we learned:
? The longer your blog posts, the better.

Now, you’re probably thinking ‘but who even reads long articles on the internet anymore?

Google, that’s who. And your mom. Seriously, probably a lot of people. ? The more content you have related to your field (florals, wedding planning, etc), not some off topic shizz, the more content the Bots have available to pick up and recognize you as someone who should be on their search query pages, someone who knows what they’re talking about and is credible.

We hear around 1,500 words per post should do the trick. No bullshit, just raw helpful content. Rack your brains for quality, Friendors!

If you need help coming up with blogging ideas, we’re here to help you!

Email us at Hello @ Friendors . com
? Use Page Speed Insights to see how your website is performing.

You’re not the only one that hates slow sites. Google and your client do too. PageSpeed Insights will show you exactly what’s wrong with your page that’s preventing it from performing properly. You just copy and paste your sites url for the review.

We probably won’t know how to fix the issues, and you probably won’t know how to either, so you should probably find a coder to help you after you run the site. Send them over the list – you’ll know whether they fixed it correctly or not after you run your site again and see if the list gets shorter or disappears.

We learned these tips from Jason Hennessey. To learn more about SEO, we can help you, but he’s probably the go to guy.
? OUR TIP for this section:

Remember that you can do all this poolside!
Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

2⃣ Website Viewing + Tracking

? Do you know how people’s eyes view your website and so you can properly design your first impression?

Meghan of OFD Consulting reports that we view pages on the Internet in the shape of an uppercase F and Z. Shape your site this way – sidebars, blog titles, image placement, etc. Places important information or image in the right place means user interaction is sure to increase due to the easiness on the eyes.

Before some tips from Wedding Wire, here’s a video clip of us at their annual party at the conference.

? Do you know what type of device most of your website traffic is taking place on?

According to Wedding Wire, around 60% of potential clients are viewing your website on their mobile device before, if ever, on a desktop.

You should have a mobile friendly website. Don’t know if you’re mobile friendly? Go to Google.com on your mobile device and search for your company. Before the site description will be ‘Mobile Friendly’ in a lighter shade of gray if your site is mobile. Photo example below.


If you’re not mobile friendly, Google is taking the liberty of dis-including you from all mobile searches. That’s most of your market. Get a mobile site! Most themes have mobile settings built in, or you can custom code one. However you do it, do it soon. Like, right now. New tab. Immediately.

Do you know how to track your site visits?

You can find out the specifics of how people are viewing your site by using Google Analytics. It’s super easy and if you’re not using it, get to it. Not only can you view what type of device most of your users are visiting  your site on, you can also see where they are coming from – what websites are leading them to you, your top site referrers, how long they spend on each page, and more.
3⃣ Reviews

Now, more than ever, consumers are trusting online reviews to make their purchase decisions. Sometimes they trust these reviews more than personal referrals. According to Wedding Wire, 95% of couples are using online reviews when shopping.

A few websites you can get reviews on are as follows:

? The Knot
? Wedding Wire
? Perfect Wedding Guide
? Google
? Facebook

and more.

All of these sites are free and if you don’t have a company listing for each one, you’re doing this whole wedding thing wrong.

Reviews should be in the double digits. Eleven or more. Wedding Wire reports that your traffic will increase 123% when you have double digit reviews.

How do you get reviews? Ask! You’ll be surprised how willing your adoring clients are. An alternative form is moral bribery – offer gift cards for completing 5 review sites. However you do it, online reviews are becoming increasingly important to have.
Anyways, those are our 3 topics we’ve brought back for ya… in this post 😉 Now just enjoy some of our photos!

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m4 preset


Invite All Your Friends To Like Your Facebook Page With This Chrome Extension – Friendors Consultancy

We all want our Facebook pages to have tons of “Likes” but clicking on and inviting every single account on our friends list can be exhausting.

So, we did a little research and found a Google Chrome Extension that will make it suuuuper easy for you.

Download the extension by clicking here.

Once you have the extension installed on Google Chrome, go to your Facebook page and click “Invite Your Friends”.


After you’ve clicked the link to invite your friends, you will get a pop up with all of your friends list and notice that the new black check mark in your menu bar is now highlighted for you to click on. Click it.


After you click the black check mark, it will tell you that it’s checking your friends.


Just wait for the magic to finish and watch the likes roll in! 🙂



Friendor Funnies – Wedding + Event Memes – Friendors Consultancy


Hey there, Friendors!

We’ve scoured the internet for funny memes that relate to weddings, the industry itself in particular. Most of the funny stuff about weddings on the internet is from a brides point of view, but we found a few that we related to (and a few from the clients perspective that we can testify to) and are here to share some memes with ya.

friendor funnies - memes 1

C’mon, you’ve gotta be a liiiiittle nutso to be in our industry. Like, what are we even doing? Oh, that’s right, gettin’ emotional over the love we get to be a part of.


friendor funnies - memes 6

friendor funnies - memes 2

When a bride starts telling you about her wedding and you’re just like ‘that’s so 2011 Pinterest, ew”, but you gotta just smile and say it sounds beautiful.


friendor funnies - memes 3

How often do you run into clients who have realistic Pinterest boards for their budget/wedding theme? Like, ever? Let’s educate them!

Are you texting your clients during their 9-5 work hours? You should be! Work is when they’re doing their quality planning! (oh, you thought they were doing it in their free time?)


friendor funnies - memes 5

When you can’t remember the grooms name on the day of the wedding… too late to ask.

Are we allowed Something Blue too? 😉


And a final one – a little shout out to our Wedding Planners who got time for that. 😉


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Photographer Pet Peeves – Friendors Consultancy

You may remember our posts on DJ Pet Peeves and Wedding Planner Pet Peeves  to avoid and now we’re here for number 3 in the series, Photographer Pet Peeves. We want to make the wedding world a happy place without peeves so we gotta tell you about them.

We got together a group of photographers and asked them their peeves when on the job so that we could tell the world to pay attention to them and this is what they came at us with.


  1. When the wedding planner (or any other vendor) is constantly picking up the brides dress. It’s like “Get. Out. Of. My. Photo.” Seriously, though, we thought about this one and we totally get it. You’re the photographer trying to catch the bride in a candid moment but the planner is there and you feel bad asking her to move. Want to know our easy fix, Planners? Instead of carrying the dress yourself, ask the brides significant other or bridesmaids to do it. They belong in the photos and you’re then free to worry about more important things than dirt on the underneath of the brides dress.
  2. When you alter their photos. This goes for vendors, not brides. Brides can do whatever they want to their photos since they bought and own them, but vendors, you cannot. Altering a photographers image defeats the purpose of them taking it for you – to represent themselves via your company. If you’ve now got a filtered and cropped image on your instagram and have the photographer tagged, potential clients are going to think that’s the photographers work when it in fact is not because they would never use that filter.
  3. When you don’t credit them. Seriously, why wouldn’t you?
  4. When the DJ begins formal events without telling them. (bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc) What if they went potty and you just began the bouquet toss (earlier or later) than what the schedule said and they have to pull their pants up mid pee to race back in after hearing your voice on the speaker? Not cool. Find the photographer and let them know you’ll be doing a special event now.


We believe that the wedding industry is a really magical and kind place, that’s why we’re sharing Pet Peeves to help everyone work together even more smoothly than they already do.

Florists, do you have any pet peeves? How about you, Venue Owners?

Reach out to share your experiences with us.

Favorite Internet Finds – Friendors Consultancy

Here are a few links we’ve ran across that we thought would be helpful to you wedding and event professionals.

Until next time!

Sunflower Field Wedding Photography – Janis Joplin Inspired Same Sex Picnic Elopement – Six Hearts Photography – Friendors Inspiration Collaboration

Heya. You guys saw of our first ever Inspiration Collaboration over on Six Hearts and FEATURED ON ROCK N ROLL BRIDE. But you haven’t seen it here except for a sneak peek! So we’re sharing a few of our favorite images with a link to see more!

Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-47 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-83 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-85 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-41 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-39 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-82 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-88 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-13


Location: Private Sunflower Field, Atlanta, GA








Getaway Vehicle: KALE CARTER


Bisham Manor Fairy Tale Wedding Inspiration – Friendors Consultancy

You may remember when we shared that our Inspiration Collaboration at Bisham Manor was published on Smitten Magazine and now we’re here to share some more Behind The Scenes photos as well as a link to see more!

bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 40 bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 10 bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 13 bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 35 bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 37


Concept: Friendors Consultancy

Photography: Six Hearts Photography

Florals, Planning +Design: Wrennwood Event Design

Cinematography: SquidWed Films

Hair + Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics

Groom’s Attire: The Modern Gent

Bride’s Dress: Chaviano Bridal Couture

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bel Fiore Bridal

Catering: Simply Catering

Cake Baker: Eileen Carter Creations

Tabletop Rentals: Vintage English Teacup

Rentals: Unlimited Party & Event Rentals

Linens: I Do Linens

Models: Click Models of Atlanta

Favorite Internet Finds – How You’re Losing the Job, Social Apps, Plugins, + More – Friendors Consultancy

You know how it goes. (and if ya don’t click here to find out)

Tips, Ideas, and Facts About Instagram’s New Carousel Feature – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors!

We’re sure you’ve seen the new Instagram update, where you can now upload more than one image and your viewers can swipe to see more. It’s officially called carousel posts but we’re calling the feature SWIPE. It was originally only available to advertisers but Instagram just rolled the feature out to all users.

We are in loooove with it and wanted to share some tips and advice for when to use it and some links to help get your groove goin’. Let’s get started!


  • You are now allowed 10 images in one post. That’s soooo many!
  • You can post photos and videos together.
  • All likes and comments apply to one post


  • Listacles: Swipe is perfect for listacles. Here are a few examples to get your brain rolling with more ideas: 10 Bridal Hairstyles We Love, 5 Flowers In Season For Fall Events, 7 Times The Flower Girl Stole The Show, etc.
  • To Prevent Spamming: You know when you get in that mood and you want to share like a billion photos in one day? Or when your company is at more than one event a day and you want to show everyone? It’s kind of annoying to spam with a photo from each of your events in one day. Now, you can put them together and say something along the lines of “We’re out working at 7 events today – swipe to see a peek into each one!”
  • BTS: Behind the scenes photos are fun and everyone wants to see them, but they should not be the main attraction of your instagram Share BTS images once or twice a week in Swipe format so your feed is full of finished product posts and just a few sprinkles of BTS. You could even post the final product as the first image in your carousel and then say “swipe left for bts to see how we got this photo!” or “swipe to see our team dancing in the kitchen while making this delicious pie for today’s event” or something.
  • How To’s: Everyone loves a little how to, especially when it’s helpful to them. Here are a few ideas: How To Hold Your Bouquet For Photos, How To Tie Your Bow Tie, etc.
  • To Tell A Story That’s Too Important For Stories: Stories are popular right now but what if you want to tell a story that’s too important to disappear in 24 hours? Instagram’s got ya now.


  • This new feature automatically crops each image square. Make sure you are choosing images that are good compositions for squares and that you’re not cropping your or photographer’s images poorly.
  • Don’t forget to tag each photo individually! Even though likes and comments apply to one post only, you can and should tag each image individually.
  • Post photos and videos together in one swipe post!