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You may remember our posts on DJ Pet Peeves and Wedding Planner Pet Peeves  to avoid and now we’re here for number 3 in the series, Photographer Pet Peeves. We want to make the wedding world a happy place without peeves so we gotta tell you about them.

We got together a group of photographers and asked them their peeves when on the job so that we could tell the world to pay attention to them and this is what they came at us with.


  1. When the wedding planner (or any other vendor) is constantly picking up the brides dress. It’s like “Get. Out. Of. My. Photo.” Seriously, though, we thought about this one and we totally get it. You’re the photographer trying to catch the bride in a candid moment but the planner is there and you feel bad asking her to move. Want to know our easy fix, Planners? Instead of carrying the dress yourself, ask the brides significant other or bridesmaids to do it. They belong in the photos and you’re then free to worry about more important things than dirt on the underneath of the brides dress.
  2. When you alter their photos. This goes for vendors, not brides. Brides can do whatever they want to their photos since they bought and own them, but vendors, you cannot. Altering a photographers image defeats the purpose of them taking it for you – to represent themselves via your company. If you’ve now got a filtered and cropped image on your instagram and have the photographer tagged, potential clients are going to think that’s the photographers work when it in fact is not because they would never use that filter.
  3. When you don’t credit them. Seriously, why wouldn’t you?
  4. When the DJ begins formal events without telling them. (bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc) What if they went potty and you just began the bouquet toss (earlier or later) than what the schedule said and they have to pull their pants up mid pee to race back in after hearing your voice on the speaker? Not cool. Find the photographer and let them know you’ll be doing a special event now.


We believe that the wedding industry is a really magical and kind place, that’s why we’re sharing Pet Peeves to help everyone work together even more smoothly than they already do.

Florists, do you have any pet peeves? How about you, Venue Owners?

Reach out to share your experiences with us.