3 DJ Pet Peeves (Avoid these, Friendors!)

We think it’s important that our industry’s creative souls work harmoniously together but sometimes that’s tough when we don’t understand the other people we are working around, so we’re doing a series that began with Wedding Planner Pet Peeves and now we’re on DJ Pet Peeves.

Here are 3 things we notice happening to DJs a lot that maybe we should take note of to avoid.

  1. Putting your equipment in their space. We see it so often. A photographer or other professional arrives to an event and immediately walks over to the DJ space and puts all of their things by their table. Unless you work with the DJ regularly, we say this is a big no no. Don’t steal the personal space that was allotted to them for the event – ask the coordinator where you should put your things down.
  2. A planner or coordinator leaving halfway through a reception without letting the DJ know. We see so many DJs looking around for the coordinator/event planner during the reception to talk schedule and inform them that the bouquet toss is about to be announced only to be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off because surprise – the coordinator left early and only told the photographer bye. If you’re a coordinator, the DJs care about you and look to you during the event to make sure they are doing what you want; don’t leave ’em hanging without a goodbye.
  3. Putting a drink on their table. Just don’t.

Overall, we think everyone always works together really well no matter circumstances – we’re in a beautiful industry, but we always know it best to share feelings. So, what’s next?