Invite All Your Friends To Like Your Facebook Page With This Chrome Extension – Friendors Consultancy

We all want our Facebook pages to have tons of “Likes” but clicking on and inviting every single account on our friends list can be exhausting.

So, we did a little research and found a Google Chrome Extension that will make it suuuuper easy for you.

Download the extension by clicking here.

Once you have the extension installed on Google Chrome, go to your Facebook page and click “Invite Your Friends”.


After you’ve clicked the link to invite your friends, you will get a pop up with all of your friends list and notice that the new black check mark in your menu bar is now highlighted for you to click on. Click it.


After you click the black check mark, it will tell you that it’s checking your friends.


Just wait for the magic to finish and watch the likes roll in! šŸ™‚



Friendor Funnies – Wedding + Event Memes – Friendors Consultancy


Hey there, Friendors!

We’ve scoured the internet for funny memes that relate to weddings, the industry itself in particular. Most of the funny stuff about weddings on the internet is from a brides point of view, but we found a few that we related to (and a few from the clients perspective that we can testify to) and are here to share someĀ memes with ya.

friendor funnies - memes 1

C’mon, you’ve gotta be a liiiiittle nutso to be in our industry. Like, what are we even doing? Oh, that’s right, gettin’ emotional over the love we get to be a part of.


friendor funnies - memes 6

friendor funnies - memes 2

When a bride starts telling you about her wedding and you’re just like ‘that’s so 2011 Pinterest, ew”, but you gotta just smile and say it sounds beautiful.


friendor funnies - memes 3

How often do you run into clients who have realistic Pinterest boards for their budget/wedding theme? Like, ever? Let’s educate them!

Are you texting your clientsĀ during their 9-5 work hours? You should be! Work is when they’re doing their quality planning! (oh, you thought they were doing it in their free time?)


friendor funnies - memes 5

When you can’t rememberĀ the grooms name on the day of the wedding… too late to ask.

Are we allowed Something Blue too? šŸ˜‰


And aĀ final one – a little shout out to our Wedding Planners who got time for that. šŸ˜‰


That’s all we’ve got for ya for now. Have any funnies we should see? Email them to us at!


Photographer Pet Peeves – Friendors Consultancy

You may remember our posts onĀ DJ Pet PeevesĀ and Wedding Planner Pet PeevesĀ Ā to avoid and now we’re here for number 3 in the series, Photographer Pet Peeves. We want to make the wedding world a happy place without peeves so we gotta tell you about them.

We got together a group of photographers and asked them their peeves when on the job so that we could tell the world to pay attention to them and this is what they came at us with.


  1. When the wedding planner (or any other vendor) is constantly picking up the brides dress. It’s like “Get. Out. Of. My. Photo.” Seriously, though, we thought about this one and we totally get it. You’re the photographer trying to catch the bride in a candid moment but the planner is there and you feel bad asking her to move. Want to know our easy fix, Planners? Instead of carrying the dress yourself, ask the brides significant other or bridesmaids to do it. They belong in the photos and you’re then free to worry about more important things than dirt on the underneath of the brides dress.
  2. When you alterĀ their photos. This goes for vendors, not brides. Brides can do whatever they want to their photos since they bought and own them, but vendors, you cannot. Altering a photographers image defeats the purpose of them taking it for you – to represent themselves via your company. If you’ve now got a filtered and cropped image on your instagram and have the photographer tagged, potential clients are going to think that’s the photographers work when it in fact is not because they would never use that filter.
  3. When you don’t credit them.Ā Seriously, why wouldn’t you?
  4. When the DJ begins formal events without telling them. (bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc) What if they went potty and you just began the bouquet toss (earlier or later) than what the schedule said and they have to pull their pants up mid pee to race back in after hearing your voice on the speaker? Not cool. Find the photographer and let them know you’ll be doing a special event now.


We believe that the wedding industry is a really magical and kind place, that’s why we’re sharing Pet Peeves to help everyone work together even more smoothly than they already do.

Florists, do you have any pet peeves? How about you, Venue Owners?

Reach out to share your experiences with us.

Favorite Internet Finds – Friendors Consultancy

Here are a few links we’ve ran across that we thought would be helpful to you wedding and event professionals.

Until next time!

Sunflower Field Wedding Photography – Janis Joplin Inspired Same Sex Picnic Elopement – Six Hearts Photography – Friendors Inspiration Collaboration

Heya. You guys saw of our first ever Inspiration Collaboration over on Six HeartsĀ andĀ FEATURED ON ROCK N ROLL BRIDE.Ā But you haven’t seen it here except for a sneak peek! So we’re sharing a few of our favorite images with a link to see more!

Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-47 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-83 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-85 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-41 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-39 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-82 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-88 Same-Sex-Sunflower-Field-Wedding-Brooke-+-Cheyenne-Elopement-Picnic-Six-Hearts-Photography-13


Location: Private Sunflower Field, Atlanta, GA








Getaway Vehicle:Ā KALE CARTER


Bisham Manor Fairy Tale Wedding Inspiration – Friendors Consultancy

You may remember when we shared that our Inspiration Collaboration at Bisham Manor was published on Smitten MagazineĀ and now we’re here to share some more Behind The Scenes photos as well as a link to see more!

bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 40 bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 10 bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 13 bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 35 bisham manor wedding - six hearts photography 37


Concept: Friendors Consultancy

Photography: Six Hearts Photography

Florals, Planning +Design: Wrennwood Event Design

Cinematography: SquidWed Films

Hair + Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics

Groomā€™s Attire: The Modern Gent

Brideā€™s Dress: Chaviano Bridal Couture

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bel Fiore Bridal

Catering: Simply Catering

Cake Baker: Eileen Carter Creations

Tabletop Rentals:Ā Vintage English Teacup

Rentals: Unlimited Party & Event Rentals

Linens: I Do Linens

Models: Click Models of Atlanta

Favorite Internet Finds – How You’re Losing the Job, Social Apps, Plugins, + More – Friendors Consultancy

You know how it goes. (and if ya don’t click here to find out)

Tips, Ideas, and Facts About Instagram’s New Carousel Feature – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors!

We’re sure you’ve seen the new Instagram update, where you can now upload more than one image and your viewers can swipe to see more. It’s officially called carousel posts but we’re calling the feature SWIPE. It was originally only available to advertisers but Instagram just rolled the feature out to all users.

We are in loooove with it and wanted to share some tips and advice for when to use it and some links to help get your groove goin’. Let’s get started!


  • You are now allowed 10 images in one post. That’s soooo many!
  • You can post photos and videos together.
  • All likes and comments apply to one post


  • Listacles: Swipe is perfect for listacles. Here are a few examples to get your brain rolling with more ideas: 10 Bridal Hairstyles We Love, 5 Flowers In Season For Fall Events, 7 Times The Flower Girl Stole The Show, etc.
  • To Prevent Spamming: You know when you get in that mood and you want to share like a billion photos in one day? Or when your company is at more than one event a day and you want to show everyone? It’s kind of annoying to spamĀ with a photo from each of your events in one day. Now, you can put them together and say something along the lines of “We’re out workingĀ at 7 events today – swipe to see a peek into each one!”
  • BTS: Behind the scenes photos are fun and everyone wants to see them, but they should not be the main attraction of your instagram Share BTS images once or twice a week in Swipe format so your feed is full of finished product posts and just a few sprinkles of BTS. You could even post the final product as the first image in your carousel and then say “swipe left for bts to see how we got this photo!” or “swipe to see our team dancing in the kitchen while making this delicious pie for today’s event” or something.
  • How To’s: Everyone loves a little how to, especially when it’s helpful to them. Here are a few ideas: How To Hold Your Bouquet For Photos, How To Tie Your Bow Tie, etc.
  • To Tell A Story That’s Too Important For Stories: Stories are popular right nowĀ but what if you want to tell a story that’s too important to disappear in 24 hours? Instagram’s got ya now.


  • This new feature automatically crops each image square. Make sure you are choosing images that are good compositions for squares and that you’re not cropping your or photographer’s images poorly.
  • Don’t forget to tag each photo individually! Even though likes and comments apply to one post only, you can and should tag each image individually.
  • Post photos and videos together in one swipe post!