Friend + Vendor = Friendor:

A (Real) Vendor that is Friendly + Becomes Your Work Friend

Heya there, friend. We’re Friendors Consultancyan advertising and business management consultancy that fosters relationships between vendors.

We’re from Friendorverse, where everyone is a professional and friendly event vendor. We’re really into fun havin’, idea sharin’, and brand promoting. We create for the sake of art, networking, and publicity. We also like to party.

Here you will find the most creative and most fun ways to build brand recognition and increase sales.

We foster growth and relationships between event professionals with meet ups, education, features, Inspiration Collaborations, and more. Our Inspiration Collaborations and Friendors are award winning and internationally published, have gone viral, and have been seen on Ruffled Blog, Rock N Roll Bride, BuzzFeed, and Rangefinder Magazine.

Think about these questions. Have you ever wanted to hang out with people in your industry? Have you ever wanted someone to throw a party for you? Who knows how to party harder than people that work at parties? How many clients have you lost because they booked a “friend?” Why can’t you be that friend? Have you ever wanted to give vendor meals the boot? Have you ever wanted to make more money? Have you ever wondered if it is true that it’s all about who you know? Have you ever wanted to collaborate with like minded vendors?

The truth is that you can have it all. All it takes is creativity, friendship, and collaboration. You can be the vendor you want to be. You can be a FRIENDOR!