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4 Ways to Collaborate With Other Professionals – Wedding + Events Industry – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors!

We’re firm believers in collaborating with other industry professionals even if it’s not at paying gig – so we’ve got a few ways for ya to do it and some info on how these collaborating opportunities can be beneficial.


  1. Inspiration Collaborations. Let’s face it, these things are basically art projects we do with our professional friends – how does that not sound fun? You get creative freedom and friendship. You want a boho bride but have never gotten one? You want to start booking more city weddings? You get what you show on your website and social sites. Reach out to us to do Boho or City Inspiration Collaboration – not only will you get content to begin to attract the types of clients you want, but you also get an amazing networking opportunity AND you get published. If that isn’t one of the coolest things on the planet, we don’t know what is. Click here to Register to be a Friendor for an opportunity at an Inspiration Collaboration with us.
  2. Guest Blog Posts. Regular old websites aren’t cutting it anymore – we’ve all got to be blogging and if we’ve gotta do it, why not do it together? If you’re a Catering company, do a guest post on all your favorite Fine China companies. If you’re any company, ask a Wedding Planner to share her ideal schedule on your blog. Not only will it be helpful to your clients and potential clients, the Friendor you feature will share it, which grows your brand – and the information might be so helpful that it just goes viral. Wouldn’t that be nuts? They may even ask to do a guest blog on you in return – a super fun way to build your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – something we ALLLLL need to do ALLLL the time. Email us at to get some guest blogging opportunities.
  3. Networking Events. Events just for industry professionals are one of the greatest ways to meet new people. Go alone to your first one and meet everyone you can. Ask them what brings them out, talk about things other than work, and you may find someone you genuinely bond with that you could create a beautiful referral network with. Ask them to go to a future networking event with you and then actually go to the next together – but don’t get too clique-y with it; you want to make sure you stay open to new opportunities as well. Stay caught up on our blog cause we announce networking events occasionally. 
  4. Instagram Giveaways. Instagram Giveaways are good because they grow your social base – which makes you look more successful to your peers and may even drive more traffic to your website. You can get around 10 professional accounts involved, get a giveaway from a company for free, and promote the hell out of each other with it. You may find your company account growing by the hundreds overnight – all the people trying to get that Kylie Cosmetics lip gloss (or whatever the heck she’s got going on) or Starbucks giftcards, or whatever ya like. Tip: Don’t give away any of your services for free. Ever. Click here to Register for a chance to be in on our future Instagram Giveaways.


That’s all we’ve got for now – see ya on a future Monday.


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