Tokyo, Japan Wedding on Takeshita Street in Harajuku – Friendors Consultancy

We went to Tokyo for an Inspiration Collaboration with an incredible team of artists. Here’s a sneak peek into the kawaii magic that went down!! Stay tuned for more to come!

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Concept: Friendors Consultancy

Photography: Six Hearts Photography, Far Out Galaxy

Concept: Friendors Consultancy

Bridal Dress: Dress Ma Liberte

Bridesmaid Look + Jewelry: Trippy Hippy Clothing

Menswear: Tsuchida Takuro

MUA: She Meets She

Hair Stylist: Mimuro Anna

Nails: kptn nail

Invitation Suite: Rachel Paige Katz

Models: Jasmine, bride + Dino and dog, groom, and May Mei

An Online Review Tip You May Not Know – Friendors Consultancy

With a world where buying decisions about weddings are made mostly off your internet presence, we all know how important reviews are, but have we been doing them wrong?

There are soooo many sites to get reviews on – The Knot, WeddingWire, Facebook, and more. How do you choose which to focus on? Do you do them all?

We used to think “oh, this Facebook review we just got is so sweet! I wonder if they would put this on WeddingWire too?!” and then we’d ask and they always would. They would simply copy and paste. No problem, right?

Well, we’re here with a tip and something you might not know.

Google does not like the same reviews pasted across your different profiles. They look at that as you trying to trick the system, as repetitive content that can’t be trusted, and it actually counts against you with their SEO.

Our tip is to choose one site and focus on it. Your clients will notice that’s where you collect and Google shall reward. ūüėČ

Inspiration Collaboration – Pillow Fight – Friendors

We’ve decided that it’s officially cold. We teamed up with some professionals over at Six Hearts Photography¬†for an Inspiration Collaboration to create a sort of moody and playful shoot and part of it was staying warm inside with a romantic pillow fight

Here are some sneak peek photos for you now Рand our Friendor Tip? Just to enjoy this cold Monday and remember to be flirty with your loved one.

Want to partcipate in our next Inspiration Collaboration? Click here to apply.


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Venue: WPA Center

Styling: Friendors Consultancy

Photography: Six Hearts Photography

Taxidermy: Broderick Head’s Taxidermy


It’s Labor Day so you won’t find us doing any labor today.

Peace. ūüėČ

Wanna be Insta Friendors Forever? – A New Kind of Instagram Community

A trend is growing on Instagram – a new kind of community,¬†and we are here to get everyone on the train to Coolsville. People are matching up accounts (influencers and brands) into communities in the form of group messages (about 15 accounts in each group) where you come together in support. Participation (liking and commenting on each members every post to build each others profiles up) is what it’s all about. Each time you post, you simply drop a Heart into the group message alerting the group and you all exchange likes and comments – a mutually beneficial friendorship for you all. We love the concept so we’re starting some groups with you all now! Want to be put into groups on Instagram with accounts you’ll vibe with and become Insta FFs (Friendors Forever)?

Sign up now and we will put you into a group when there are enough participants in your field that we know you’ll love.

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Our Friendors were published! – Smitten Magazine

We are so incredibly pleased to share with you all that some of our Friendors were published in the latest Smitten Magazine issue, Volume 15: Our Far Out Galaxy pals: Six Hearts Photography, DJ Cuttlefish and RobotBooth.

Rae Lynn and Kevin held a bohemian wedding ceremony and reception and we are still oh so Smitten with their beautifully dreamy day. (see what we did there? ;))

Check out some photos we took of the magazine IRL and then click through at the bottom of this post to get more personal with it by buying your own copy, checking out the PDF, and viewing a blog post of their wedding.


Click here to view Six Heart’s¬†Blog Post of Rae Lynn and Kevin’s wedding.

Click here to purchase your copy of Smitten Magazine Volume 15.

Click here to view a PDF of Rae Lynn and Kevin’s wedding published in Smitten Magazine.