Be A Friendor Friendor Tips

Wanna be Insta Friendors Forever? – A New Kind of Instagram Community

A trend is growing on Instagram – a new kind of community, and we are here to get everyone on the train to Coolsville. People are matching up accounts (influencers and brands) into communities in the form of group messages (about 15 accounts in each group) where you come together in support. Participation (liking and commenting on each members every post to build each others profiles up) is what it’s all about. Each time you post, you simply drop a Heart into the group message alerting the group and you all exchange likes and comments – a mutually beneficial friendorship for you all. We love the concept so we’re starting some groups with you all now! Want to be put into groups on Instagram with accounts you’ll vibe with and become Insta FFs (Friendors Forever)?

Sign up now and we will put you into a group when there are enough participants in your field that we know you’ll love.

Click here to sign up to be a part of your own Insta Friendors Forever Group.