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Our Friendors were published! – Smitten Magazine

We are so incredibly pleased to share with you all that some of our Friendors were published in the latest Smitten Magazine issue, Volume 15: Our Far Out Galaxy pals: Six Hearts PhotographyDJ Cuttlefish and RobotBooth.

Rae Lynn and Kevin held a bohemian wedding ceremony and reception and we are still oh so Smitten with their beautifully dreamy day. (see what we did there? ;))

Check out some photos we took of the magazine IRL and then click through at the bottom of this post to get more personal with it by buying your own copy, checking out the PDF, and viewing a blog post of their wedding.


Click here to view Six Heart’s Blog Post of Rae Lynn and Kevin’s wedding.

Click here to purchase your copy of Smitten Magazine Volume 15.

Click here to view a PDF of Rae Lynn and Kevin’s wedding published in Smitten Magazine.