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Pros of Being Published Online – Wedding and Event Industry Friendors

Heya, Friendors!

Every time we begin planning an Inspiration Collaboration, we talk about whether we are going to submit it for Print or to a Blog, and we are huge fans of print (oh you fancy huh?) but want to share a little bit of our thoughts on being published on blogs, because we hear it being knocked a lot and we’re not sure the whole industry has realized how dang cool the internet is yet. You might just switch up your gears after we share all it’s pros.


sparkling-heart   It’s 2016. Print, while not dead, is not the only media you need to be accredited in. Your brand needs to have an internet presence. Gotta look cool.

sparkling-heart   Since it’s online, it’s free for viewers. They don’t have to physically purchase a magazine which means more potential viewers due to easier access.

sparkling-heart   You can actually see the reach. All of the professionals involved are sharing it – you notice a bunch of new followers on Instagram, the blog (where the HUGE following is) shares it on their facebook, instagram, twitter. You can see the number of shares, the number of likes, and more, as it’s happening. The internet is where things go viral, my friends.

sparkling-heart   SEO. When people link to your site from their site, it gives Google a little flag that you’re a reputable website that people trust which means you move up in the search results pages.

sparkling-heart   Clickable link to your site. The blogs actually put clickable links in their features to your website, which not only helps SEO like we mentioned above, but also makes engaged leads click through to your site and possibly on over to your contact form. Can they click to you through a magazine? Didn’t think so.

sparkling-heart   More permanent. A new magazine issue comes out and everyone throws away the old one, but the internet won’t throw you away.

sparkling-heart   Brides are collecting inspiration and info from blogs. When you are on their favorite blog, they trust you. Six Hearts Photography once had a bride book them purely because she saw them on her two favorite blogs, Rock N Roll Bride and Offbeat Bride, within the same week. The power of the internet.


There are tons and tons more reasons we love blogs and believe they are beneficial – maybe we’ll share some more with you later. Want to share why you love getting published online? Email us at to share your thoughts and ideas with us.