Tokyo, Japan Wedding on Takeshita Street in Harajuku – Friendors Consultancy

We went to Tokyo for an Inspiration Collaboration with an incredible team of artists. Here’s a sneak peek into the kawaii magic that went down!! Stay tuned for more to come!

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Concept: Friendors Consultancy

Photography: Six Hearts Photography, Far Out Galaxy

Concept: Friendors Consultancy

Bridal Dress: Dress Ma Liberte

Bridesmaid Look + Jewelry: Trippy Hippy Clothing

Menswear: Tsuchida Takuro

MUA: She Meets She

Hair Stylist: Mimuro Anna

Nails: kptn nail

Invitation Suite: Rachel Paige Katz

Models: Jasmine, bride + Dino and dog, groom, and May Mei

Our Friendors were published! – Smitten Magazine

We are so incredibly pleased to share with you all that some of our Friendors were published in the latest Smitten Magazine issue, Volume 15: Our Far Out Galaxy pals: Six Hearts PhotographyDJ Cuttlefish and RobotBooth.

Rae Lynn and Kevin held a bohemian wedding ceremony and reception and we are still oh so Smitten with their beautifully dreamy day. (see what we did there? ;))

Check out some photos we took of the magazine IRL and then click through at the bottom of this post to get more personal with it by buying your own copy, checking out the PDF, and viewing a blog post of their wedding.


Click here to view Six Heart’s Blog Post of Rae Lynn and Kevin’s wedding.

Click here to purchase your copy of Smitten Magazine Volume 15.

Click here to view a PDF of Rae Lynn and Kevin’s wedding published in Smitten Magazine.

Friendors Anonymous – 9 Secrets – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors! Hope you’re having a lovely day and are prepared to laugh, open your mouth in shock and disbelief, relate like crazy, and enjoy this post.

We called on all of you to share a secret or two with us anonymously about the life of a wedding professional that we would never tell anyone openly, and surprisingly, you went for it.

We were nervous when putting this list together – nervous that engaged clients would see and lose faith in us all, but we’re human in this industry; this list makes us laugh and we’re not sure we’ll ever find secrets that top these.

Here are a few of our favorites bout that life.

sparkling-heart After an entire day at a wedding, I can’t wait to pick my nose on the car ride home.

sparkling-heart If I forget to bring a snack, and the bridal party has already ate, I wait for any opportunity for the room to clear so I can munch on food from the bridal party trays. #Hangry

sparkling-heart I love it when vendors mess up. I love it.

sparkling-heart I joined in with the single ladies on the bouquet toss and caught it. Now I know that’s a no no. (this was when I first began yeaaaars ago)

sparkling-heart I once told a guest, when asked what I was looking for with my cell phone flash light, that I dropped a battery. It was really the brides ring.

sparkling-heart It ruins my whole evening when I found out I’m getting a cold vendor meal and not what the guests are eating. Or, when they let you eat the guests food but they make your plate and don’t give you a salad.

sparkling-heart I slept with a past bride after her divorce.

sparkling-heart  I hate every wedding media outlet that says company owners shouldn’t be tipped. Jerks.

sparkling-heart  One time at a wedding I was mortified. As I was performing my services, I thought the client kept tooting, and I say tooting in a very conservative way. The smell was literally gagging me. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes into the service that I realize the smell was coming from her mouth every time she opened up to speak. Since then, I have noticed a trend of “Bridesmaids Breath” as I call it. Must be a mixture of Mimosas and snacks but that shit is vile.

What did you think of this post? Have a secret to share with us? Email us at 🙂



Friendor Feature – Atlanta’s Best Skyline Venue – Ventanas

ventanas friendor feature

Hiya, Friendors! We hope you’re having a lovely Monday morning. It’s February and we’re feelin’ the love coming on something serious this time of year. Speaking of love, you know what we love?

Finding incredible views! We’re here with a Friendor Feature on the venue we’re officially dubbing as THE best skyline view in Atlanta, Ventanas.

We got to go out to Ventanas to photograph the space and also hosted an Inspiration Collaboration that was PUBLISHED on Offbeat Bride, a wedding blog with over 1.3 MILLION hits per month.

Click here to view the photos from Six Hearts Photography and the feature on Offbeat Bride.

It’s no surprise the shoot was published right away; we had some amazing professionals involved and Ventanas is just STUNNING.

Ventanas is in the best possible location you could imagine, above the Hilton Garden Inn in Downtown Atlanta, just next to Centennial Olympic Park, The World of Coke, and the Georgia Aquarium. It has a helipad with a full 360 view of the city. Just. Amazing.

Ventanas Wedding Inspiration Collaboration - Six Hearts Photography01

We were greeted by Hannah, the Catering Sales Manager, and got to chat with her for a little bit before she gave tours of the space and tastings to newly engaged couples.

friendor feature ventanas 27

While talking, she cultured us – did you know Ventanas means Windows in English? Yep, sure does. And let us tell you something about the windows in this space – they are FLOOR TO CEILING.

friendor feature ventanas 19

But it doesn’t stop there (man, I swear).

They also have a deck with a bar and a fire pit and so much more. Enjoy the photos of this beautiful venue below and read about all of its amenities (like an open floor plan, a spiral stair case, and epic make out views, eeeek!!)!

Ventanas Wedding Photography - Six Hearts Photography008 friendor feature ventanas 1 friendor feature ventanas 23 friendor feature ventanas 14 friendor feature ventanas 20 friendor feature ventanas 21 friendor feature ventanas 22 friendor feature ventanas 12 friendor feature ventanas 25 friendor feature ventanas 6 friendor feature ventanas 7 friendor feature ventanas 3 friendor feature ventanas 9 friendor feature ventanas 5 friendor feature ventanas 15 friendor feature ventanas 8 friendor feature ventanas 11 friendor feature ventanas 10 friendor feature ventanas 4 4850759

Just as we dubbed it the best Skyline View in Atlanta, we’re gonna go ahead and say it’s got some of the most killer amenities as well. Here are some amenities as taken from their website.

Exclusive Amenities from Atlanta’s Premier Rooftop Event Space

For groups up to 500, Ventanas will help you create and define an unforgettable, signature event through exclusive features, which include:

  • 9,547 sq. ft. of indoor/ outdoor and rooftop entertaining space
  • Two-story floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Self or valet parking
  • Private entrance with optional VIP red carpet
  • Helipad, which offers a dramatic element to your event
  • Dedicated “space shot” elevator
  • Furnished green room
  • Exclusive outdoor deck with bar, fire pits, soft seating and elevated VIP seating area
  • Media wall branding and promotion opportunities
  • Incredible views of downtown Atlanta’s world-class icons, with views of Buckhead, Midtown, Stone Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain
  • The opportunity to expand your event into a signature experience with attractions within walking distance, including: Georgia World Congress Center, Philips Arena, Georgia Dome, CNN, Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, and dining, retail and entertainment offerings in the Luckie Marietta District

Friendor Feature – Vintage English Teacup – Friendor Consultancy

  Friendor Feature (1)

You guys remember Vintage English Teacup from several of our Inspiration Collaborations, right? If not, refresh your memory by clicking here to view them all. 
We asked Vanessa, the Founder, Owner, and Operator, to tell us some things she’s proud to have accomplished and a bit about her company.  Before you get started, let us just go ahead and tell you that we were thoroughly impressed! 😉 She talks to us about overcoming obstacles, learning how to network in the wedding industry, and what true success and pride looks like. Enjoy her insights below.




I started!!!
Getting started is rather like jumping off a cliff, leaving behind all the comfort of stable employment and a normal schedule!  I threw a Tea Party at my home for the Royal wedding of  Prince William and the, almost above perfect, Katherine Middleton. I invited a bunch of people imagining that as televised coverage began at 3 am  very few would arrive. Well my street was full of cars and ladies in hats quickly filled my home all pulled in by the lure of Tea served on Real Fine China. Such Fun!!!
Being raised by a father who was self made, this set off all sorts of bells in my brain. If these people like this, who else would? Does anyone else do this? If not why not?? etc etc as any of you creatives know it’s an obsession that becomes your life.
 Overcoming obstacles
Well buying endless luscious pieces of Fine China was not at all hard! Especially as I did most of it in my home, England. I have now found two ladies who own antique shops and through the joy of iphones we are able to shop auctions together! If they find anything that is utterly irresistible I dont resist!!! Then my wonderful shipper Trevor wraps each piece, and then wraps it again and puts it in a magic box and it arrives intact.
for the first time involved hiding in a hotel bathroom and having a long conversation with myself about why I was there!!! Funny now but terrifying at the time. It’s vital to make good face to face contacts and to be able to tell them why you are the best thing since sliced bread in about two sentences!  
Next comes choices, where to advertise and why, also extremely difficult at first. My advise, ask someone who is experienced. Then ask some more. Knowledge is Power. I am still asking and still making mistakes with my budget that makes me weep every time. But you learn from those mistakes and hopefully can help others.
Invest in a good contract! end of story!
Get paid before the event! Also self explanatory! 
Be nice to all, in life and in work!
What does success look like?
Deciding what success is …hmmm. For some it’s being “busy” all the time. For me its checks in the bank and a happy client! Oh and zero backache or throbbing headache! 
I do not want to launch an empire, I want to earn but not be burdened with more than I can handle. I do my best work when I can focus and not worry about what I am missing.
Spending hours looking at other vendors sites is not productive and often disheartening. Just because they have a million followers does not mean they have a healthy company. Perception is so important in this business, but only if its backed up by substance.
Being who you are is a gift that equals success.
I am proud that I have survived…and did not give up at times when well meaning folks tried to tell me there was no market for a luxury china line. They meant well and perhaps as there was not a market then they were right. However a market now does exist and I am mentoring other start ups doing the same thing because they saw my company! Awesome! 
I am proud of the “real” friends that I have made in the industry and for the support that we have for one another. I am further jolly chuffed to have made the choice not to work with those who seek to only elevate themselves to the detriment of others! Enough said! This frees me to enjoy what I do, most of the time.”
So, what does success look like to you? We say it’s good business and good Friendors.