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Friendors Anonymous – 9 Secrets – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors! Hope you’re having a lovely day and are prepared to laugh, open your mouth in shock and disbelief, relate like crazy, and enjoy this post.

We called on all of you to share a secret or two with us anonymously about the life of a wedding professional that we would never tell anyone openly, and surprisingly, you went for it.

We were nervous when putting this list together – nervous that engaged clients would see and lose faith in us all, but we’re human in this industry; this list makes us laugh and we’re not sure we’ll ever find secrets that top these.

Here are a few of our favorites bout that life.

sparkling-heart After an entire day at a wedding, I can’t wait to pick my nose on the car ride home.

sparkling-heart If I forget to bring a snack, and the bridal party has already ate, I wait for any opportunity for the room to clear so I can munch on food from the bridal party trays. #Hangry

sparkling-heart I love it when vendors mess up. I love it.

sparkling-heart I joined in with the single ladies on the bouquet toss and caught it. Now I know that’s a no no. (this was when I first began yeaaaars ago)

sparkling-heart I once told a guest, when asked what I was looking for with my cell phone flash light, that I dropped a battery. It was really the brides ring.

sparkling-heart It ruins my whole evening when I found out I’m getting a cold vendor meal and not what the guests are eating. Or, when they let you eat the guests food but they make your plate and don’t give you a salad.

sparkling-heart I slept with a past bride after her divorce.

sparkling-heart  I hate every wedding media outlet that says company owners shouldn’t be tipped. Jerks.

sparkling-heart  One time at a wedding I was mortified. As I was performing my services, I thought the client kept tooting, and I say tooting in a very conservative way. The smell was literally gagging me. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes into the service that I realize the smell was coming from her mouth every time she opened up to speak. Since then, I have noticed a trend of “Bridesmaids Breath” as I call it. Must be a mixture of Mimosas and snacks but that shit is vile.

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