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Keeping Up With The Future Of Social Media – Friendors Consultancy

We here at Friendors are social people – online and IRL, and we have one simple task and question for you that will make you think about the future of social media and how your company is keeping up.
When you walk around at weddings and events, we want you to look at what gusts are doing on their phones during the reception. What do you see on their screens?
It used to be Instagram, where they photographed their photo booth photo strips and uploaded them, photographed the first dance, the cake cutting, and more, but we guarantee if you walk around and peek over everyone’s shoulders (yes, seriously), mostly everyone at that event is Snapchatting it instead of Instagramming now.
We’ve been watching the change happen for weeks, even the past few months now. That’s not to say that Instagram is null and void, just that popular social media platforms are expanding and so should we.
If you’re not on Snapchat, we say now is the time to join.
If the guests are on Snapchat, why aren’t you?
Here’s our tip to ya: don’t be old. Your clients stay the same age – act like you do too and keep up with social sites. 😉
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