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Top of the morning to ya, friendors! We’ve been thinking a lot about saving time and money as an Entrepreneur and wanted to share just a few productivity tips that we do with you.

One of the best tips we ever heard uttered was from a speaker at WPPI, and forgive us because we can’t remember who it was, but they said the first thing for you to do to save time and money was to automate your life and outsource tasks that you don’t enjoy or that don’t directly make you money. There were two specific examples given.

We were doing both of these things before we heard this speaker, feeling a little guilty over it and mainly blaming it on our laziness and desire to make life easy, but after hearing it said by someone on stage, realized that these things are actually really beneficial to our company and wanted to preach you our ways.

Example: Instead of buying your toilet paper and paper towels at the grocery store, set up Amazon’s Subscription Service to automatically deliver these items to you on a schedule – you won’t have to waste your valuable time shopping for this anymore and it’s the same price. It just arrives in a big ol’ box on your front doorstep. Put everything you can on this Subscribe and Save program. We get our Brushing Rinse, TP, feminine products, and more delivered straight to our home. This will save you 10 – 20 minutes in the store, the gas money, and many last minute trips when you run out of toilet paper. Time is money.

Example: Instead of cleaning your own home, find a service or individual to come in once a week and get it spick and span. While they are cleaning, you can be doing something beneficial for your company, that you actually enjoy, that makes you many times more than you’re paying for the cleaning. We felt really guilty about doing this for a long time (stereotypes that you’re a spoiled diva if you don’t clean your own home), but the truth is that not cleaning your own home (of course still pick up after yourself) will transform your life in magical ways and no guilt should be felt, especially when it frees you up to benefit your business and well being.

Since we see the benefit of these things, we searched the internet and found some articles about personal productivity and saving money and are sharing them with you below.

Hope you can incorporate some of these productivity and money saving tips into your life and business!

Have any tips you want to share with us? Email us at schellie@faroutgalaxy.com 😉