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Tips, Ideas, and Facts About Instagram’s New Carousel Feature – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors!

We’re sure you’ve seen the new Instagram update, where you can now upload more than one image and your viewers can swipe to see more. It’s officially called carousel posts but we’re calling the feature SWIPE. It was originally only available to advertisers but Instagram just rolled the feature out to all users.

We are in loooove with it and wanted to share some tips and advice for when to use it and some links to help get your groove goin’. Let’s get started!


  • You are now allowed 10 images in one post. That’s soooo many!
  • You can post photos and videos together.
  • All likes and comments apply to one post


  • Listacles: Swipe is perfect for listacles. Here are a few examples to get your brain rolling with more ideas: 10 Bridal Hairstyles We Love, 5 Flowers In Season For Fall Events, 7 Times The Flower Girl Stole The Show, etc.
  • To Prevent Spamming: You know when you get in that mood and you want to share like a billion photos in one day? Or when your company is at more than one event a day and you want to show everyone? It’s kind of annoying to spam¬†with a photo from each of your events in one day. Now, you can put them together and say something along the lines of “We’re out working¬†at 7 events today – swipe to see a peek into each one!”
  • BTS: Behind the scenes photos are fun and everyone wants to see them, but they should not be the main attraction of your instagram Share BTS images once or twice a week in Swipe format so your feed is full of finished product posts and just a few sprinkles of BTS. You could even post the final product as the first image in your carousel and then say “swipe left for bts to see how we got this photo!” or “swipe to see our team dancing in the kitchen while making this delicious pie for today’s event” or something.
  • How To’s: Everyone loves a little how to, especially when it’s helpful to them. Here are a few ideas: How To Hold Your Bouquet For Photos, How To Tie Your Bow Tie, etc.
  • To Tell A Story That’s Too Important For Stories: Stories are popular right now¬†but what if you want to tell a story that’s too important to disappear in 24 hours? Instagram’s got ya now.


  • This new feature automatically crops each image square. Make sure you are choosing images that are good compositions for squares and that you’re not cropping your or photographer’s images poorly.
  • Don’t forget to tag each photo individually! Even though likes and comments apply to one post only, you can and should tag each image individually.
  • Post photos and videos together in one swipe post!



Tokyo, Japan Wedding on Takeshita Street in Harajuku – Friendors Consultancy

We went to Tokyo for an Inspiration Collaboration with an incredible team of artists. Here’s a sneak peek into the kawaii magic that went down!! Stay tuned for more to come!

800px 800px1

Concept: Friendors Consultancy

Photography: Six Hearts Photography, Far Out Galaxy

Concept: Friendors Consultancy

Bridal Dress: Dress Ma Liberte

Bridesmaid Look + Jewelry: Trippy Hippy Clothing

Menswear: Tsuchida Takuro

MUA: She Meets She

Hair Stylist: Mimuro Anna

Nails: kptn nail

Invitation Suite: Rachel Paige Katz

Models: Jasmine, bride + Dino and dog, groom, and May Mei

3 DJ Pet Peeves (Avoid these, Friendors!)

We think it’s important that our industry’s creative souls work harmoniously together but sometimes that’s tough when we don’t understand the other people we are working around, so we’re doing a series that began with Wedding Planner¬†Pet Peeves and now we’re on DJ¬†Pet Peeves.

Here are 3 things we notice happening to DJs a lot that maybe we should take note of to avoid.

  1. Putting your equipment in their space. We see it so often. A photographer or other professional arrives to an event and immediately walks over to the DJ space and puts all of their things by their table. Unless you work with the DJ regularly, we say this is a big no no. Don’t steal the¬†personal space that was allotted to them for the event – ask the coordinator where you should put your things down.
  2. A planner or coordinator leaving halfway through a reception without letting the DJ¬†know. We see so many DJs looking around for the coordinator/event planner during the reception to talk schedule and¬†inform them that the bouquet toss is about to be announced only to be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off because surprise – the coordinator left early and only told the photographer bye. If you’re a coordinator, the DJs care about you and look to you during the event to make sure they are doing what you want; don’t leave ’em hanging without a goodbye.
  3. Putting a drink on their table. Just don’t.

Overall, we think everyone always works together really well no matter circumstances – we’re in a beautiful industry, but we always know it best to share feelings. So, what’s next?

4 Wedding Planner Pet Peeves – Friendors Consultancy

Our industry is full of so many different talents – musicians, florists, photographers, designers, planners, etc, and we each are so into our specific art in the event industry that sometimes we may not¬†think about the other professionals we’re working alongside and¬†how their experience might be entirely different than ours. The florist may not be thinking about the DJs job and the DJ might not even make small talk with the caterers in order to know their struggles and triumphs. Of course we all work together but we don’t work together in a traditional sense – which means we may not entirely understand each other’s art.

Since there’s a little wall there, we’re here to share some insights into each specific vendors world – their pet peeves, and we are starting with Wedding Planners.

Here are 4 Pet Peeves of wedding planners.

1. When you don’t reply within 24 hours. Wedding planners know that however you treat them is how you are going to treat their clients they send to you. When you don’t reply immediately or take more than 24 business hours to get back to them, you’re losing brownie points and most likely a lot of business. They want to reply to their clients right away so reply to them right away.

2. Ignoring the schedule. Wedding planners and coordinators spend tremendous amounts of time on the day of schedule – don’t decide to make changes yourself or that you’re just not going to look at it (skimming it once doesn’t count). Don’t extend bridal portraits into the beginning of dinner or hair and makeup into the first look time. Just like…don’t.

3. When you don’t credit them in your posts.¬†Wedding planners are so often left behind when it comes to crediting the talent on social platforms. The makeup artist will tag the photographer and florist, the venue will tag the caterer and designer, and the photographer will tag the clients. Somehow the wedding planner gets lost in that shuffle. Make sure you tag the planner in every post from the wedding. Every post. The day wouldn’t be smooth without them so do your due diligence in crediting where credit is due.

4. When you drink on the job. This should be a no brainer but for some reason we still have to include this one. We see it way too often and so do planners and it peeves them. Oh, it really peeves them.

Coming soon, 3 DJ Pet Peeves.

Florists, do you have any pet peeves? How about you, Venue Owners?

Reach out to share your experiences with us. Schellie@FarOutGalaxy.com


4 Topics To Avoid On Social Platforms – Friendors Consultancy

Living in 2017 means living on the internet. Sometimes, since this virtual world isn’t tangible, there’s a bit of a disconnect when sharing our thoughts. We feel safe and maybe share things we shouldn’t – our personal opinions that are our own and not really our brands. While your brand should reflect some level of you personally, we have to remember that we are not our brand.

We’re here to share 4 topics you should avoid on social platforms if you want your brand to stay well liked in the public’s eyes.

  • Sports: This one almost seems silly and you may even be wondering why, but people take their sports seriously. An sports¬†fan who was considering hiring you? Their blood is boiling at your latest post bragging about your team winning against theirs.
  • Religion: Individuals have religions, not companies. Sharing your personal beliefs in your brand can close the door to a lot of opportunities, scare people off, and really limit your clientele.
  • Politics: Do we even need to go over why politics should be avoided on social platforms? Unless your entire brand is about being dedicated to some cause as an advocate, leave the political rants off your business and personal profiles.
  • Negativity: Read everything before you post it. If it has the slightest hint of negativity in any form – complaining, worrying, etc – don’t post it. Clients should be uplifted when visiting your profiles and putting negativity into the world doesn’t do any one any good and just makes you look bad.

Our advice is to audit your social profiles as they are now and remove anything that falls in these categories or anything questionable.

Our additional advice¬†is to follow your gut despite our advice. If your company banks off Christian weddings, maybe it’s okay to post religious things. If you donate part of your company’s profit to womens rights, maybe it’s okay to post politics…

But if your company is not based in these fields, stay on everyone’s happy side and far away from these topics.

How To Book ‘Em Without Meeting – Friendors Consultancy

It’s a dream of all of ours to just sit at our office desk and have phone calls pour in by the hundreds giving us deposits to book their day on our calendar. The only problem is that our brands aren’t large enough to be that well trusted. We’re here to share some tips on how to book clients over the phone.

  • Make sure your website is always up to par. They won’t trust you if your site sucks (to be frank).
  • Remember that you go past your own site. Make sure you have a presence on other websites – blogs, vendors you’ve worked with, etc. When they Google your company and your name (which they will) it’s awesome if they find other credible sites talking about and linking back to you.
  • You have to have social profiles for your company. If they are on your website and begin to look for your social accounts (instagram, facebook, etc) and you don’t have valuable and consistent content on there (or the profiles don’t exist at all) that causes the lead to wonder if you even exist which means it’s time for a meeting!
  • Have tons of reviews readily available online. If you have reviews online, that places you as a trustworthy professional for their event.
  • Send them absolutely everything they need before booking – your investment info, special links to events you’ve done at their venue, links to reviews, links to photos similar to what they are asking for (pink flowers? put together an email with 10 links to pink flowers you’ve done!). If you provide them with everything they need to make their decision they usually make it remotely – no meeting necessary.

The secret to booking without meeting is really to just be an established and well trusted brand online – on your site and other peoples sites. That takes a really long time to build up but is something we should constantly be working towards.

More tips to come soon!


Favorite Internet Finds

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