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Struggling with what to share on your social accounts besides photos from events you’ve done?

There’s a “holiday” – official, national, or just plain wacky – every day of the year! Why not have some fun and take advantage?

For example, caterers, did you know that January 2 is National Buffet Day? Yup! Or that January 6th is National Bean Day and National Shortbread Day? Why not have a little fun in the kitchen and share a recipe with your followers for these things?

June 1st is National Say Something Nice Day. Why not share photos of your favorite local professionals on your social account and say something nice about them? Or do a video round up of each person on your team saying something nice about someone else on the team? Or a post of all of your most recent 5 star reviews where people went on and on with nice things about you? Just ideas.

How do we know these random dates? How can you come up with content for your brand every day of the week?

There’s this dope website we browse sometimes, National Day Calendar.

We think it’ll inspire ya. 😉

Click here to view the National Day Calendar 


Favorite Internet Finds – Social Stats, Guest Posts, + More – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors!

We haven’t shared our Favorite Internet Finds with you in a while so we figured it was time. Here are some various links around the internet that we found helpful, educational, or just plain pleasing.




Inspiration Collaboration – Pillow Fight – Friendors

We’ve decided that it’s officially cold. We teamed up with some professionals over at Six Hearts Photography for an Inspiration Collaboration to create a sort of moody and playful shoot and part of it was staying warm inside with a romantic pillow fight

Here are some sneak peek photos for you now – and our Friendor Tip? Just to enjoy this cold Monday and remember to be flirty with your loved one.

Want to partcipate in our next Inspiration Collaboration? Click here to apply.


rag_5549 shp_2268 shp_2195

Venue: WPA Center

Styling: Friendors Consultancy

Photography: Six Hearts Photography

Taxidermy: Broderick Head’s Taxidermy


Social Media Tips – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there! We hope our favorite time of the year, wedding season, has been treating you all well!

We know that when things get busy it’s easy to slack on your social media strategies. We get it cause we have been and are there. We’re here to give you a few tips on what you should be doing on social platforms.

  1. We don’t care what anyone says – hashtags work. Use all of the ones that apply to your post.
  2. Whatever Facebook owns is where it’s at. (Facebook and Instagram) Instagram holds the most engagement out of any social platform currently.
  3. You should never post just text. Your text should be accompanied by visuals. Visuals are processed 60,000 times fast than text. (maybe why Insta is ruling it right now?)
  4. Videos are killing it in the social world right now. Photos are great and all, but videos are especially succeeding online.
  5. Post content from events you work instead of letting it sit.
  6. Just do it. Nike knows what’s up.

Any questions? We’re always here. 😉


Networking Tips Part 2 – Friendors Consultancy

Hi there! You might remember Part 1 of our Networking Tips a few weeks ago, and now we’re back with Part 2! Yay!

  1. Follow them on social media right then and there. Seriously. Pull your phone out and say you want to be friends online. They will most likely pull their phone out and reciprocate. How many Instagram followers can you get in one night of networking?
  2. If you feel compelled, go ahead and schedule a lunch date then. If you already know you want to spend more time with the professional you’re engaging in conversation with, why don’t you go ahead and make it happen there? Pull your phones out and peep those calendars instead of exchanging emails and then waiting forever after back and forths. It’s so easy to just do then and it makes sure it actually happens.
  3. Talk to everyone in the room. Don’t dilly dally around with one crowd all night. If you do decide to do that (sometimes people just click!), dilly dally around the room together and talk to everyone. Forge paths. Make new connections.
  4. Take a selfie and upload it. Tag everyone there – the sponsors, the professionals you talked to and added on social media, etc. Don’t just tag them in the caption – tag them in the photo too so it appears on their profile! Use their hashtag, too! It’s also good publicity for them from you! Placing your face online and tagging them in it makes it easy for them to remember you after the fact and kind of encourages growth in the relationship. Maybe they’ll even tag your company on their profile!

Want more? 😉



3 Tips For Booking The Wedding – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors! We’ve got 3 simple tips for you on how to get the booking when a client reaches out to you. These tips may seem obvious, but are you practicing them?

  1. Reply to their inquiry immediately. We mean immediately. Like, pull over and call them right then if you are driving when your phone dings with their contact form immediately. Seriously, first call gets the booking.
  2. Be kind. Incredibly kind. There is so much to be said about someone who runs their company with kindness and how you act when booking is telling of how you will be during their engagement process up to and through their wedding.
  3. Listen. Really listen. You don’t really have to say much – most people know if they want to book you before they ever meet with or talk to you; the consultation just seals the deal. If you listen then, they feel important and have invested time into your company by sharing their dream with you – they don’t want to redo all of that with someone else.

Until next time!



Is Your Company Mobile Friendly? – Friendors Consultancy

We went to Wedding MBA and learned lots last week and plan to share some of our findings with you over the next few weeks.

This week, we’re talking about being mobile friendly and are here to present a few statistics given to us by Sonny G of WeddingWire.

Did you know there are more mobile phones on the Earth than people?

Did you know there are more mobile phones on the Earth than tooth brushes? More than the number of toilets?

Did you know we sell more phones than babies are born?

Did you know that people pick their phone up every 6 minutes?

Did you know that Google has the choice to not display you in the results if your website isn’t mobile friendly?

Now that you know all of these facts, are you 100 percent positive your website is mobile friendly?

Here’s a link to find out quickly:

Click here to read some of what we learned at Wedding MBA last year and stay tuned for more to come. :)

flower girls and ring bearers 11

You’ll Love These Weddings with Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Friendors, if you have a couple undecided on having children in their bridal party, show them this post for thoughts. 😉

flower girls and ring bearers 4

Who else are your guests going to photograph besides you? Give yourself a break! Put a crown on ’em and it’s like having your very own Disney Princess. Kind of.

flower girls and ring bearers 5

No one can serve up some side eye realness to your Groom like a Flower Girl who knows what’s up.

flower girls and ring bearers 6

Who else is gonna bring toy cars to your event? Heeeelllllloooo Dare Devil Party Animal. 😉

flower girls and ring bearers 2

Who else is going to teach you the Zen ways of Rock Gardening before such a pivotal change in your life?

flower girls and ring bearers 3

THIS. Your wedding is a perfect opportunity to get professional photos of the newest addition to the family.

flower girls and ring bearers 1

You think your Groomsman is gonna drag a toy boat behind him down the aisle? Doubts.

flower girls and ring bearers 7

Flower Crowns + Flower Girls. Do we need to say anything else?

flower girls and ring bearers 14

Good luck gettin’ your bridesmaids to dress like that for you. Plus, I doubt they’ll even think to pick up keepsake rocks for you.

flower girls and ring bearers 15

Who else is gonna bring the Mickey Mouse Magic to your big day? Bet you forgot.

flower girls and ring bearers 19

The coolest member of your bridal party knows they’re supposed to stick their tongue out while walking down the aisle. Duh.

flower girls and ring bearers 18

Who’s going to initiate interactive games with flowers?

flower girls and ring bearers 25

How else are you going to have Chicken Tenders and French Fries you can sneak onto your plate? Kids Menu 😉

That’s all we’ve got… for now 😉