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Friendor Feature – Simply Catering – Friendors Consultancy

Simply Catering is one of our favorite caterers in the game. Located in West GA, these guys can make your delicious food dreams come true.

If you haven’t seen their fun food in this Friendor Inspiration Collaboration, check it out now! It’s Lisa Frank Inspired!! And there’s a free printable recipe!! Don’t worry, you can keep reading this; we’ll put another link at the bottom so you won’t forget. 😉

ANYWAYS, We asked Nicole and Jet to tell us a few things they’re proud to have accomplished with Simply Catering. Be prepared to be impressed with their experience and hospitality.

Check out their Friendor Feature Quiz and then read more about them!

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 All of the accomplishments above were so great that Nicole couldn’t choose just one to be proud of! Can you blame her? 😉

Here’s what they had to say about them:

“A. Relocation: In the summer of 1998, Simply Catering took a leap of faith and relocated their entire operation from South Florida to West Georgia, including over 14 staff members and their families. It was the cohesive bond of belief that allowed us the courage to uproot all things familiar and try something new. It is this courage that continues to guide our endeavors.

B. Hurricane Katrina: Prior to Katrina, we were an approved caterer for a government subsidized construction company called Belfour and Cotton that is responsible for rebuilding structures after natural disasters. Having worked for them successfully in the past, they called upon us to travel to New Orleans on August 30th, the day after Hurricane Katrina hit. We fed over 1,000 people breakfast, lunch, and dinner for over 30 days. It was the most exhausting, yet rewarding thing we have ever been a part of.

C. Recession: Surviving the Recession from 2008 to 2010 should be considered 4 accomplishments by itself! Being a family business means that we had to pull together all of our resources to streamline our process, without jeopardizing our quality. It was the scariest of times for our company, but making it out alive is something we are very proud of.

D. Growth: Over the past 4 years, our company has grown tremendously. Going from 30 to 100 weddings a year has been an eye opening experience, but one that we are eternally grateful for and appreciative of. At times, growth can be scary, but it is the reason why we love what we truly love what we do.”

All we have to say? Have a bite of their food and you’ll truly love what they do too.

And as promised, here’s the link to the Friendor Inspiration Collaboration mentioned earlier. It’s Lisa Frank Inspired!! And there’s a free printable recipe!!