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Favorite Internet Finds – SEO Tips, Admiration, + America’s Most Instagrammed Locations – Friendors Consultancy


Hi, Friendors! Happy Monday! Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite internet finds from this week.


This is the neatest article to us. Time discovered the most geo tagged locations in each state of America and now we can’t wait to visit them each. If they’re Instagram worthy, they have to be good, right? Annnnddd, a lot of these places are venues that clients are getting married at.

Click here for the Most Instagrammed Places in America.


We think Wedding Wire is one of the most innovative wedding industry companies out there and we thrive on hearing the owners speak at each conference we attend. Here are 3 tips for improving your SEO from their Pro Blog.

Click here to learn how to improve your SEO.


Offbeat Empire, another one of our favorite wedding industry brands, also shares tips on SEO on their vendor blog.

Click here to read tips on improving your SEO.


We all know by now that engaged peeps are planning their weddings at work – in their cubicle – but how do we cater to them finding us in this fashion? I don’t know how many times we’ve heard it said or how many more times we’ll have to hear it before it’s no longer a problem, but you should not have automatic music on your website. Like, at all.

Click here to read more about why you shouldn’t have music on your website.


We reach out to people that we admire all the time; we’re drawn to some people. But what do you say to someone you’ve admired for months or years when you finally have the chance? Here’s something you might not think about but that could pay off.

Click here for the one question you should ask the person you admire but never thought of.


We think those five links should be great reads for your Monday and this week. Enjoy!


See you next Monday!




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