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SUBMIT – Seeking Guest Writers

Friendors! We are seeking guest writers and content to feature on the blog.

Do you have something about the event industry you want to say? Do you enjoy giving back to others what you have learned in your experience? Do you have a talent you wish to share? An event coming up?

Professional Perspectives, Advice, Jokes, Ideas, Free Downloads (desktop wallpapers, cell phone wallpapers, ebooks, etc), Client Perspective, and more are all welcomed.

Click here to view our blog for examples.

Email us at with a subject line of “Friendors Blog Submission”.

We look forward to your submissions.



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Friendors in Chicago! Register now!

We’re visiting Chicago August 20-26 and are hosting a Friendors Inspiration Collaboration.

Want to be a part of the coolest styled shoots and learning experience ever? Want to be published? (We’ve gotten our Friendors on Buzzfeed, Rock N Roll Bride, Ruffled, Rangefinder Magazine, and more – click here to view our favorite publications) Want to work with the friendliest vendors? Want you build your SEO? We know you NEED these things! And we know how to do ’em!

Best of all? Friendors don’t charge! That’s right, we help for free – or rather, in exchange for your Friendorship.

Click here to Register and we’ll fill you in on the dates and what we need from you to participate.


10 Wedding Exit Ideas from Six Hearts Photography

A bride asked William of Six Hearts Photography what they should do for their exit in order to get the best photos. We loved his response so much that we had to share. And then together, Schellie and William share 10 of their ideas for your wedding exit below.

Q: “I have a quick question about wedding send offs. A few suggestions to what we can do – bubbles, petals, sparklers to name a few. From your previous experience with wedding photography, are there any popular ideas that you would advise against for photos? I imagine some ideas turn out great in photos, and others are better in real life and not so great in pictures.”

A: “It really comes down to personal taste. All the methods have upsides and downsides. Nearly all of our weddings this year have done sparklers. They have been trending for a while and seem to be here to stay. I recommend getting the longer sparklers and not the short ones. Also if you get a $20 propane torch from Lowes, it will make lighting them much easier. We had a wedding recently that did bubbles and sparklers. People love getting to play with a sparkler and the bubbles really help keep the kids occupied during the reception. Rice and Birdseed is out for sure. I have actually seen people throwing the entire bag without opening it. Ouch. It doesn’t show up in pictures well and you will never get it out of your clothes or your getaway car for that matter. Petals are about the same as rice and birdseed and probably difficult to clean up. Most people have sparklers but if you let me decide from the choices you gave, I would say to go with the petals only because it would be something different for our website. Even better for pictures would be quality party popper confetti things although you’re gonna want to run that one by the venue. If you really wanna show your guests a good time, you could give them all silly string. The lamest thing I have seen was sticks with a ribbon tied to them that people twirled around. If you want something really original for them to throw at you like cotton poofy things, maybe walk through a hobby lobby or Michaels and think about what won’t hurt. Hope this helped.”

We hope that got you thinking, cause it sure made us think more.

As mentioned, Schellie and William of Six Hearts put together a few unique exit ideas for you. Enjoy!

1. Money Exit – throw fake money, or real, to look like a Baller Rockstar in your exit.

2. Hot Air Balloon – though this is only fun for you and doesn’t really include your guests – give them real balloons to hold onto while you float off in yours!

3. Butterflies – WHAAAAT, didn’t know you could do that, huh?
4. Silly String – C’mon, you know you wanna play with it every time you see a can in the store.
5. Sky Lanterns – Hello, Tangled! 😉
6. Glow Sticks – Get the long ones!
7. Confetti – biodegradable of course (The Confetti Bar, an Official Friendor is a great source for this!)
8. Paper Airplanes – you could even make this a reception activity for your guests by getting those airplane folding books with the patterned pages.
9. Ride off on a Horse – much like the hot air balloon, this doesn’t really include your guests – you can give your guests custom designed horse sticks as a party favor. Okay, maybe that second part is weird. Or weirdly cool. You decide.
10. Pom Poms – the tiny colorful ones!
Also, we have a question: why do we throw stuff at the bride and groom as they’re leaving? Weird.
Any more ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!

Friendors Bat Mitzvah Inspiration Collaboration Featured on The Celebration Society

We’re so honored to have been featured on The Celebration Society with a Friendors Inspiration Collaboration photographed by a few Roaming Robot Photographers from RobotBooth.

Click the image below to check out the feature!

Planning & Design: Six Hearts Photography
Photography: RobotBooth Roaming Photographers
Venue: Sweet Meadow Farms
China: Vintage English Teacup
PhotoBooth + Favors: RobotBooth
Hair & Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics
Frozen Yogurt: The Country’s Best Yogurt



Atlanta DJ Workshop with Dj Cuttlefish – Friendors Consultancy


Hey there! Friendors Consultancy here!

Dj Cuttlefish hosted and led a DJ workshop in Atlanta, GA and we had the honor of being a sponsor of this incredible event.

Dj Cuttlefish is a team of Wedding and Event DJs based in Atlanta, GA. With musical talent and experience making them some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, they taught a group of guests about set up, lighting, software, musical trends at weddings, pitch bending, and more.

A casual dress code and Organic Artisan Liqueur lightened the tone of the event, letting these guys have fun while learning and teaching one another.

If you were at this Atlanta DJ Workshop, we’d like to thank you for coming out. A full gallery of images will be coming soon.

Check out just a few of the photos by Six Hearts Photography below.

Friendors Blog Pos with logot

Event Sponsor: Friendors Consultancy

Workshop Host: Dj Cuttlefish from Far Out Galaxy

Photography: Six Hearts Photography


Friendor Feature – Hoopla! Events – Friendors Consultancy


Heya, Friendors! It’s the team at Friendors Consultancy here.

We’re comin’ atcha with a Friendor Feature on Hoopla! Events, our Coordinator for the NY Inspiration Collaboration. (Keep your eyes peeled, cause that’s coming soon!)

Learn more about her and her company in this short Friendor Feature Quiz! Then let’s get a conversation going in the comments below!

Adina Franconi is the “founder and lead planner of Hoopla! Events, a Hudson Valley-based, full-service event planning and design company for proud individualists who are looking for creative ways to infuse hip, heartfelt, and handmade into their special occasion.”


Adina couldn’t choose just one of her accomplishments that she was most proud of, nor what color pen. Oh, Geminis! 😉 We love it!

Here’s a bit more she had to say about them, along with our commentary, and some questions for you guys to tackle in the comment section below.

  1. “Finally getting the courage to take the plunge and launch Hoopla! Events. It ain’t easy launching your own company for the first time.  In fact, it’s scary!”
– We know, gurl, we know! We hear this all the time, and can totally testify.
Vendors, tell us in the comments what the scariest thing was for you? And how did you overcome it?
 2. “Keeping true to myself and the Hoopla! Events brand.  I’ve always been about disrupting the status quo, getting creative and having fun. Not all events are the same, nor, should they be.”
– Our FAVORITE kind of Friendor disrupts the status quo and stays true to themselves and their brand.
Vendors, what’s the most fun part of your work? Have you ever had to turn down a client because they didn’t match your brand? How did you handle it?
3. “Connecting and working with so many wonderful and talented “friendors”. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a cheering squad in your corner rooting you on to succeed!”
– Oh, this answer has us swooning! We loooove collaborating with and promoting the best in the event industry.
Finally, let’s talk about LOVE.
Vendors, you know what the craziest thing Adina from Hoopla! Events has done, so what’s the craziest thing YOU’VE ever done for love?
Looking forward to reading all your answers and conversing with you!
Friendor Feature - Simply Catering - Friendors Consultancy - resized

Friendor Feature – Simply Catering – Friendors Consultancy

Simply Catering is one of our favorite caterers in the game. Located in West GA, these guys can make your delicious food dreams come true.

If you haven’t seen their fun food in this Friendor Inspiration Collaboration, check it out now! It’s Lisa Frank Inspired!! And there’s a free printable recipe!! Don’t worry, you can keep reading this; we’ll put another link at the bottom so you won’t forget. 😉

ANYWAYS, We asked Nicole and Jet to tell us a few things they’re proud to have accomplished with Simply Catering. Be prepared to be impressed with their experience and hospitality.

Check out their Friendor Feature Quiz and then read more about them!

Friendor Feature - Simply Catering - Friendors Consultancy - resized

 All of the accomplishments above were so great that Nicole couldn’t choose just one to be proud of! Can you blame her? 😉

Here’s what they had to say about them:

“A. Relocation: In the summer of 1998, Simply Catering took a leap of faith and relocated their entire operation from South Florida to West Georgia, including over 14 staff members and their families. It was the cohesive bond of belief that allowed us the courage to uproot all things familiar and try something new. It is this courage that continues to guide our endeavors.

B. Hurricane Katrina: Prior to Katrina, we were an approved caterer for a government subsidized construction company called Belfour and Cotton that is responsible for rebuilding structures after natural disasters. Having worked for them successfully in the past, they called upon us to travel to New Orleans on August 30th, the day after Hurricane Katrina hit. We fed over 1,000 people breakfast, lunch, and dinner for over 30 days. It was the most exhausting, yet rewarding thing we have ever been a part of.

C. Recession: Surviving the Recession from 2008 to 2010 should be considered 4 accomplishments by itself! Being a family business means that we had to pull together all of our resources to streamline our process, without jeopardizing our quality. It was the scariest of times for our company, but making it out alive is something we are very proud of.

D. Growth: Over the past 4 years, our company has grown tremendously. Going from 30 to 100 weddings a year has been an eye opening experience, but one that we are eternally grateful for and appreciative of. At times, growth can be scary, but it is the reason why we love what we truly love what we do.”

All we have to say? Have a bite of their food and you’ll truly love what they do too.

And as promised, here’s the link to the Friendor Inspiration Collaboration mentioned earlier. It’s Lisa Frank Inspired!! And there’s a free printable recipe!!

NYC Next! – Friendors Consultancy

Heya, Friendors! Friendors Consultancy here bringing you some exciting news!

We’re visiting NYC in December and are hosting an Inspiration Collaboration on December 29!

Interested in networking and collaborating with Friendors?


That being said, we’ll need some models in Manhattan as well.

Send headshots and measurements to