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How We’re Making Our Instagrams More Cohesive With a Scheduling Tool – Friendors Consultancy

Your may remember our post on Social Media Scheduling Tools and we’re here to talk a little bit more about one of the tools we shared with you then cause we’re super in love with it now.

They call it “the simple way to plan your visual content marketing” and we couldn’t agree more.

Latergramme, now just Later, is a website and app that allows you to upload images from your computer to their site and then to a calendar there in a drag and drop style. You  can go ahead and write your caption, choose the time to post, etc. Then, you just download the app onto your phone and your posts are all magically there within it – it’s incredible and a nice way to get those images off your computer and onto your phone easily.


Prepping your instagram posts on a computer is soooo easy breezy lemon squeezy and takes the stress out of last minute preparations on your phone.

Not only is it nice to see a calendar with your images on it prepped in advance, but Later also has a Preview feature within the site that pops up the size of your phone and shows you what your feed will look like with all of your scheduled posts up – which gives room for improvement for those of us struggling with cohesiveness.

This feature helped us take our profile’s feed from this to this. (We used @FarOutGalaxy for this example)

Wouldn’t you agree we’re doing much better in the after? (these images haven’t gone live on our feed yet but this is the preview tool of what our feed will be in a few weeks – ya know, if we don’t switch it up)

It allowed us to see our color palette and layout in an enlightened perspective, a more hindsight way – before we made any mistakes, really helping to create smooth transitions between our posts and a profile that’s more aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes for our viewers. We’re excited to see it pan out.

You’re given 30 scheduled posts each month for FREE with upgrades to premium packages for special features such as more posts, multiple accounts, etc. We found that we’re happy with scheduling 1 post per day a month in advance so haven’t really needed to upgrade yet but your needs may be different.

Anyways, we suggest you head on over and play around.