How To Book ‘Em Without Meeting – Friendors Consultancy

It’s a dream of all of ours to just sit at our office desk and have phone calls pour in by the hundreds giving us deposits to book their day on our calendar. The only problem is that our brands aren’t large enough to be that well trusted. We’re here to share some tips on how to book clients over the phone.

  • Make sure your website is always up to par. They won’t trust you if your site sucks (to be frank).
  • Remember that you go past your own site. Make sure you have a presence on other websites – blogs, vendors you’ve worked with, etc. When they Google your company and your name (which they will) it’s awesome if they find other credible sites talking about and linking back to you.
  • You have to have social profiles for your company. If they are on your website and begin to look for your social accounts (instagram, facebook, etc) and you don’t have valuable and consistent content on there (or the profiles don’t exist at all) that causes the lead to wonder if you even exist which means it’s time for a meeting!
  • Have tons of reviews readily available online. If you have reviews online, that places you as a trustworthy professional for their event.
  • Send them absolutely everything they need before booking – your investment info, special links to events you’ve done at their venue, links to reviews, links to photos similar to what they are asking for (pink flowers? put together an email with 10 links to pink flowers you’ve done!). If you provide them with everything they need to make their decision they usually make it remotely – no meeting necessary.

The secret to booking without meeting is really to just be an established and well trusted brand online – on your site and other peoples sites. That takes a really long time to build up but is something we should constantly be working towards.

More tips to come soon!