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At a Marketing Loss on Snapchat? 5 Things You Can Snap About – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors!

We are still loving Snapchat (@xofriendors and @faroutgalaxy) but some of our Friendors have openly admitted that they don’t know what to snap about for marketing purposes. They don’t understand the platform. All photos? All videos? Should we use that face filter thingy? (the lenses)

We’re here to tell you that we constantly ask ourselves these questions too so we’re sharing 5 things you can snap about as an event industry professional.

But first, let’s talk a little bit about the platform first.

Snapchat is different than other social media platforms – unlike Instagram, Facebook, and your Blog, what you post only lasts for 24 hours and it’s not really meant for a a curated life view.

It’s actually socially acceptable to post more than once a day. In fact, it’s actually meant for that. Instead of having a “Feed” like on other platforms, you have a Story. Your Story is called a Story by Snapchat for a reason. Continuing Stories keep your viewers engaged.

These things may seem really simple and obvious, but if you’re at a loss, this listacle (which we may follow up with ideas 6 and up) can hold your Snapchat go tos. Our tip is that marketing on Snapchat is a lot more simple and easy than you may think.


  1. Blog Post Announcements – You announce your blog posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Why not announce them on yet another growing social platform? Show people how to get to your blog with a quick video or a continuing how to photo story.
  2. BTS –  Behind The Scenes can practically be anything, big or small, (ex: just opening the door to your office or studio and saying welcome, the front of a venue when you arrive for a wedding you’re working, a during of your creative process, etc) and it’s a way to show people that you’re doing shit. People think people who do shit are cool and successful. One day of BTS could be an office Tour. Another could be BTS of a Friendors Inspiration Collaboration (then, you share the final outcome on your blog and do Number 1 and announce it on Snapchat). Bam.
  3. Thank You Notes from Clients – We get Thank You Notes with little gifts from clients often, and we know many of you are too. Why not show those bad babies off excitedly? Put em to good marketing use. A Thank You note after an event, to us, says happy client. People like to see happy clients. Happy clients breed more happy clients.
  4. Reviews – Speaking of happy clients, where are you sharing your reviews besides on your website and the actual review collecting website? We’ll tell you where – Snapchat.
  5. Introduce Your Team – Showing multiple people on your team instead of just yourself shows that you’re a real company with moving parts and peoples, rather than just a mom and pop shop. You da real shit cause you got people backing your brand. Word? It also allows your client to see the people that may possibly be at their event (photo booth attendants, your design assistant, etc) and lets them feel like they know them and can trust them – which they totally can. In addition, showing your team helps with team building and bonding – a doggie face Snap with your coworker makes you automatic friends, right? Right?

There are so many things you could Snap about and these topics could over flow into major campaigns. Let us know if you like these ideas and we just may follow up with 6-10 more topics to snap about.