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An App EVERYONE Should Have That Tells You Everything You Need to Know About The Sun – Friendors Consultancy

Hello, Friendors! Hope you’re having a swell Monday. We sure are! We’re in Las Vegas for WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and we’re loving every bit of each of the classes.

Let’s get to it. We have an app on our phones that we think you should have too – especially Wedding Planners, Coordinators, and Photographers.

Clients often ask what time they should have their ceremony in order to get the most daylight, what time to do their first dance as the sun is setting, etc, and we know you can totally just look things up on the internet but we have a quicker and easy way to tell them exactly what they wanna know – down to the very minute. 😉

This app is called Sunrise Sunset Lite and is available in the Apple Store. You select a specific date and it tells you the sunrise time, sunset time, the beginning of civil twilight, the end of civil twilight, and more. Your clients will thank you when you can answer their sunlight questions within seconds.

P.S. Your future with this app is so bright you should probably put some shades on. Protect those pretty eyeballs.