5 Things To Do Before Purchasing Your Wedding Dress

Hi! Six Hearts Photography here!

We’re sure you’ve seen a bajillion posts on how to find the best wedding dress for you – how to decide which shade of White, how to budget, knowing your dress code, how to discover your body shape, yadda yadda yadda. Well, we’re here to give you just a little bit of advice from a photographers perspective. Now, we’re no professional fashionistas, dress designers, or shop owners, so take us at face value, but hey, we think we’ve got some good opinions.

Before you buy your wedding outfit:

1. Sit down in your dress. Just for a little while. How do you feel?

2. Try on undergarments with the dress, preferably theĀ ones you plan on wearing. You have no idea how many bras we see poking out of wedding dresses. Like, 1 out of every 15.

3. Wear it for a while before purchasing – walk around the store. Are you comfortable?

4. Know what you’re going for but follow your heart. Corny, right?

5. Know that you totally don’t even have to get a traditional wedding dress. Like, seriously. You want a pink jumpsuit instead? DO IT. Same rules apply.

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