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3 Apps You Need – Friendors Consultancy

Hello, Friendors! We took a look at our phones and are sharing 3 apps that we find helpful. Learn about and download them noooowwww.



VSCO stands for Visual Supply Co. and is a photo editing app (designed for photographers and artists) that’s ruling Instagram right now. It’s super user friendly and professional looking. Why aren’t you spiffing up your images now?


2. Google Drive

Google Drive is exactly what it is on your computer, except on your phone. Can you imagine how easy it would be to have everything in the Google cloud on your phone and computer to access anywhere?



Connecting our favorite apps together, IFTTT is an app that creates recipes to streamline your social media. IFTTT stands for If this then this. An example recipe: If you post to Facebook then it will automatically post to Twitter as well. Easy peezy lemon squeezey online life for ya now.


Do you use any Apps you find helpful? Share them with us! Comment below or email Hello @ Friendors .com