Invite All Your Friends To Like Your Facebook Page With This Chrome Extension – Friendors Consultancy

We all want our Facebook pages to have tons of “Likes” but clicking on and inviting every single account on our friends list can be exhausting.

So, we did a little research and found a Google Chrome Extension that will make it suuuuper easy for you.

Download the extension by clicking here.

Once you have the extension installed on Google Chrome, go to your Facebook page and click “Invite Your Friends”.


After you’ve clicked the link to invite your friends, you will get a pop up with all of your friends list and notice that the new black check mark in your menu bar is now highlighted for you to click on. Click it.


After you click the black check mark, it will tell you that it’s checking your friends.


Just wait for the magic to finish and watch the likes roll in! 🙂



6 Networking Tips Part 1 – Friendors Consultancy

Hey there, Friendors! One of our favorite things to do is network. Network, network, network. So, we thought we’d begin a Networking Tips Series for ya. Here’s Part 1: 6 Networking Tips.

1. Wear a conversation starter. This makes it easy to break the ice and will make people remember you. For example, instead of a simple black dress – why don’t you wear a sequin top and some glitter cat ears like Schellie from Far Out Galaxy? Or a wedding gown and some kick ass accessories like Baton Bob.  Everyone loves a cat and everyone loves a bride. What can be your thing? (seriously, get to thinking!)

2. Have a drink or two. But not too many. You should loosen up a little and a drink or two is a great way to do that – but you don’t want to be blabbering and then unable to drive yourself home. The company providing the alcohol is probably doing it as a Sponsor (for free) for promotional purposes and they’re there for you to enjoy. Do.

(Awestruck Ciders featured below at The Blogcademy)


3. “What brings you out?” is the best first question to ask. It gets you straight to the point to see if your relationship is compatible and if it could become mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

4. Sure, ask what brings them out but go deeper once you know that answer (if you feel compelled to continue the conversation). What do they do when they’re not working? This is a great way to make a personal connection. Maybe they are (just like you!) trying to learn how to roll their own Sushi with Youtube Videos too – you never know.


5. Have business cards. Too many business cards. You never know if someone wants 100 business cards of yours instead of one.


6. Name tag. Pleeeeeeazzzzzzz. It makes it so much easier to remember you and it’s just a nice thing to do.

Until Part 2!


Friendors Consultancy

How to Invite ALL Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Page AT ONCE – Friendors Consultancy



Hi there, Friendors!

We all know how important social media has become in the buying process, how important it is to be visible on the internet, and dare I say, well liked. We all know we should invite our Facebook friends, and everyone else for that matter, to like our Facebook business page, so why haven’t we? We can go ahead and answer that for you now – it’s so dang time consuming, that’s why. No one wants to sit at their computer and hit an individual button that says “invite” next to of their 2,485 friends.

But what if you could hit just a few buttons and invite ALL of your friends list AT ONCE to like your page? Would you do it? How many likes do you think you would accrue?

We tested this, a code a Friendor introduced us to a while ago, with Far Out Galaxy on their Facebook Page and the results were seriously amaze balls. At 2:00pm, we followed the procedure below, and by 5:00 pm we had 75+ new page likes. Now, 75+ is no big number, but it seems like friends are still steadily liking the page as they login and see the notification, and 75+ likes is quite a feat for a 3 hour time period on something that took us less than one minute to do. Turns out that friends come out when you invite them. 😉 Thanks, Friends!

Now follow the instructions below to get your friends to come out and like your page.

  1. Do this in Google Chrome on a Windows Computer.
  2. Since you’re inviting your friends, you’ll need to be logged into your personal account. Go to your personal timeline and you will see the “Your Pages” tab in the top right side bar – click on your page. It will then take you to your business page. Once you are on your page, a statistics box will be directly beneath your profile photo, with things like your response time, how many people you reached this week, etc. Click on “Invite friends to like This Page”.
  3. A box will pop up with all of your friends. Scroll ALLLLL the way to the bottom of the pop up until you can’t scroll anymore because it won’t populate more friends.
  4. Open the Java Script Console, a feature intended for developers, by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + J
  5. In the Console, Copy and Paste the code below EXACTLY as it is, beginning with j and ending with }, then press Enter and wait. The pop up will close after it has invited all of your friends.

     javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

WALLAH. Now you can sit back and enjoy the notifications of your friends that actually like you liking your page. Some people might say this is spamming – we simply say it’s a work around the silly system. 😉

Talk to ya next Monday!


Friendors Consultancy

Friendor Feature – Vintage English Teacup – Friendor Consultancy

  Friendor Feature (1)

You guys remember Vintage English Teacup from several of our Inspiration Collaborations, right? If not, refresh your memory by clicking here to view them all. 
We asked Vanessa, the Founder, Owner, and Operator, to tell us some things she’s proud to have accomplished and a bit about her company.  Before you get started, let us just go ahead and tell you that we were thoroughly impressed! 😉 She talks to us about overcoming obstacles, learning how to network in the wedding industry, and what true success and pride looks like. Enjoy her insights below.




I started!!!
Getting started is rather like jumping off a cliff, leaving behind all the comfort of stable employment and a normal schedule!  I threw a Tea Party at my home for the Royal wedding of  Prince William and the, almost above perfect, Katherine Middleton. I invited a bunch of people imagining that as televised coverage began at 3 am  very few would arrive. Well my street was full of cars and ladies in hats quickly filled my home all pulled in by the lure of Tea served on Real Fine China. Such Fun!!!
Being raised by a father who was self made, this set off all sorts of bells in my brain. If these people like this, who else would? Does anyone else do this? If not why not?? etc etc as any of you creatives know it’s an obsession that becomes your life.
 Overcoming obstacles
Well buying endless luscious pieces of Fine China was not at all hard! Especially as I did most of it in my home, England. I have now found two ladies who own antique shops and through the joy of iphones we are able to shop auctions together! If they find anything that is utterly irresistible I dont resist!!! Then my wonderful shipper Trevor wraps each piece, and then wraps it again and puts it in a magic box and it arrives intact.
for the first time involved hiding in a hotel bathroom and having a long conversation with myself about why I was there!!! Funny now but terrifying at the time. It’s vital to make good face to face contacts and to be able to tell them why you are the best thing since sliced bread in about two sentences!  
Next comes choices, where to advertise and why, also extremely difficult at first. My advise, ask someone who is experienced. Then ask some more. Knowledge is Power. I am still asking and still making mistakes with my budget that makes me weep every time. But you learn from those mistakes and hopefully can help others.
Invest in a good contract! end of story!
Get paid before the event! Also self explanatory! 
Be nice to all, in life and in work!
What does success look like?
Deciding what success is …hmmm. For some it’s being “busy” all the time. For me its checks in the bank and a happy client! Oh and zero backache or throbbing headache! 
I do not want to launch an empire, I want to earn but not be burdened with more than I can handle. I do my best work when I can focus and not worry about what I am missing.
Spending hours looking at other vendors sites is not productive and often disheartening. Just because they have a million followers does not mean they have a healthy company. Perception is so important in this business, but only if its backed up by substance.
Being who you are is a gift that equals success.
I am proud that I have survived…and did not give up at times when well meaning folks tried to tell me there was no market for a luxury china line. They meant well and perhaps as there was not a market then they were right. However a market now does exist and I am mentoring other start ups doing the same thing because they saw my company! Awesome! 
I am proud of the “real” friends that I have made in the industry and for the support that we have for one another. I am further jolly chuffed to have made the choice not to work with those who seek to only elevate themselves to the detriment of others! Enough said! This frees me to enjoy what I do, most of the time.”
So, what does success look like to you? We say it’s good business and good Friendors.

Pretty Up Your Phone – Watercolor Wallpapers from Friendors

Hiiii, Friendors! We hope you’re having a lovely Monday morning! We sure are. We’re in the Smoky Mountains with Far Out Galaxy at Parkside Resort for a company retreat. Soooooo fun. Don’t worry, we’ve got Six Hearts here taking some killer photos that we can’t wait to share with you all.

Anyways, today’s post is the first of (hopefully) many to come in our new category: Pretty Up Your Phone, Friendor. 

When you’re at client meetings or networking events, it’s inevitable that your phone screen is going to be seen – wouldn’t you like something simple and motivational for others to catch a glimpse of?

Okay, fine, we really just wanted a pretty new phone background and you caught us trying to twist it into something to do with the industry. Hey, at least we’re sharing!

We have three smart phone wallpapers for you below. This series is watercolor. The first is inspired by Shia LaBeouf, who has recently quickly found his way into our hearts as an artist. The second is inspired by none other than us and our mantra, and the third is inspired by Far Out Galaxy‘s motto.

Simply screenshot these on your smart phone and set them as your wallpaper. We’ll be back in a few weeks with a different style series. Enjoy!

dontletyourdreamsbedreams (2) Friendor Hakuna Matata

Friendor Feature – The Bannerie – The Friendor Consultancy

Heya! Friendor Consultancy here! You might remember The Bannerie from our most recent Inspiration Collaboration, the Lisa Frank Inspired Wedding. She makes some of our FAVE glitter banners. Comin’ at cha now is her Friendor Feature!!

Friendor Feature - The Bannerie - The Friendor Consultancy

We asked Gilit to share some things she’s been proud to accomplish within The Bannerie and this is what she said:

“Honestly the first thing I’m proud of accomplishing in the Bannerie is opening! It’s terrifying to put yourself out there and start your own business! Plus without that one, I wouldn’t have had the other ones. I’m proud of getting to my first and second financial goals of recouping starting costs and covering the cost of school/daycare for my two kids with profits. I thought it would take a lot longer to get to both of those goals and I am thrilled and moving on to my next goals! I’m proud of becoming so busy that I don’t want to grow any more just yet because I can’t physically make any more banners in a day than I already do. (Did I mention that also terrifies me?!) I’m also proud of making it work in my limited space and being able to be home to pick up my kids. I work in my bedroom and it can be hard to stay on top of things, stay organized, and keep the workflow going but I do it every day and then I stop and get my kids from school and get to be with them until bedtime. It’s not perfect, it’s pretty exhausting, but I get to do something I love every day and then be there for my kids. That’s pretty awesome.”

We like The Bannerie. Don’t you? 😉

Friendor Feature – The Postmans Knock – Friendors Consultancy

Lindsey is the owner and designer at the Postman’s Knock, a design studio offering graphic design, calligraphy, and illustration. She’s near and and dear to our hearts. Can you guess why? (You’ll know after reading this!)


About Lindsey from The Postman’s Knock (as taken from her website):

“I am a designer with a love for calligraphy and illustration {visit my portfolio to see some of my work}. I enjoy working on a variety of projects; though many of my creations are tailor-made for gorgeous weddings.

A passion for art and beautiful things prompted me to start The Postman’s Knock in 2012, and since then I have been collaborating with clients from around the world on custom creations from my studio in Boulder, Colorado. I work with event planners, brides, small businesses, and thoughtful gift-givers to produce one-of-a-kind pieces.”

We asked Lindsey to tell us a few of her accomplishments with The Postman’s Knock. Here’s what she’s been up to:

  • Making invitations for Hollywood weddings! As a girl who grew up in rural Kansas, it’s really fun and a little mind-boggling to see your clients on television.
  • Building a cool blog with thousands of views per day. Honest to goodness, a lot of my readers don’t even realize I’m a designer. They think I blog for a living.
  • Making impressive and varied network connections. From publishing companies in Holland and NYC to tourism industry groups in the Caribbean to wedding planners and photographers in Atlanta (you know who you are), I know some pretty incredible people through my business!
  • Of course, one big accomplishment to be proud of is working with Schellie + William to develop the Friendor illustrations. I’m a girl who usually watercolors flowers for weddings, or makes flourishy calligraphy. Even though drawing octopuses in outer space was out of my comfort zone, I went for it, and I couldn’t be more proud of the results!

Lindsey contributed an invitation suite and table settings to our second ever Friendors Inspiration Collaboration. The photography by Six Hearts Photography and cinema by Squid Wed Films will be blogged soon, so stay tuned! 😉

To learn more about The Postman’s Knock, click here.