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Heya, Friendors! It’s the team at Friendors Consultancy here.

We’re comin’ atcha with a Friendor Feature on Hoopla! Events, our Coordinator for the NY Inspiration Collaboration. (Keep your eyes peeled, cause that’s coming soon!)

Learn more about her and her company in this short Friendor Feature Quiz! Then let’s get a conversation going in the comments below!

Adina Franconi is the “founder and lead planner of Hoopla! Events, a Hudson Valley-based, full-service event planning and design company for proud individualists who are looking for creative ways to infuse hip, heartfelt, and handmade into their special occasion.”


Adina couldn’t choose just one of her accomplishments that she was most proud of, nor what color pen. Oh, Geminis! 😉 We love it!

Here’s a bit more she had to say about them, along with our commentary, and some questions for you guys to tackle in the comment section below.

  1. “Finally getting the courage to take the plunge and launch Hoopla! Events. It ain’t easy launching your own company for the first time.  In fact, it’s scary!”
– We know, gurl, we know! We hear this all the time, and can totally testify.
Vendors, tell us in the comments what the scariest thing was for you? And how did you overcome it?
 2. “Keeping true to myself and the Hoopla! Events brand.  I’ve always been about disrupting the status quo, getting creative and having fun. Not all events are the same, nor, should they be.”
– Our FAVORITE kind of Friendor disrupts the status quo and stays true to themselves and their brand.
Vendors, what’s the most fun part of your work? Have you ever had to turn down a client because they didn’t match your brand? How did you handle it?
3. “Connecting and working with so many wonderful and talented “friendors”. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a cheering squad in your corner rooting you on to succeed!”
– Oh, this answer has us swooning! We loooove collaborating with and promoting the best in the event industry.
Finally, let’s talk about LOVE.
Vendors, you know what the craziest thing Adina from Hoopla! Events has done, so what’s the craziest thing YOU’VE ever done for love?
Looking forward to reading all your answers and conversing with you!