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Living in 2017 means living on the internet. Sometimes, since this virtual world isn’t tangible, there’s a bit of a disconnect when sharing our thoughts. We feel safe and maybe share things we shouldn’t – our personal opinions that are our own and not really our brands. While your brand should reflect some level of you personally, we have to remember that we are not our brand.

We’re here to share 4 topics you should avoid on social platforms if you want your brand to stay well liked in the public’s eyes.

  • Sports: This one almost seems silly and you may even be wondering why, but people take their sports seriously. That sports fan who was considering hiring you? Their blood is boiling at your latest post bragging about your team winning against theirs.
  • Religion: Individuals have religions, not companies. Sharing your personal beliefs in your brand can close the door to a lot of opportunities, scare people off, and really limit your clientele.
  • Politics: Do we even need to go over why politics should be avoided on social platforms? Unless your entire brand is about being dedicated to some cause as an advocate, leave the political rants off your business and personal profiles.
  • Negativity: Read everything before you post it. If it has the slightest hint of negativity in any form – complaining, worrying, etc – don’t post it. Clients should be uplifted when visiting your profiles and putting negativity into the world doesn’t do any one any good and just makes you look bad.

Our advice is to audit your social profiles as they are now and remove anything that falls in these categories or anything questionable.

Our additional advice is to follow your gut despite our advice. If your company banks off Christian weddings, maybe it’s okay to post religious things. If you donate part of your company’s profit to womens rights, maybe it’s okay to post politics…

But if your company is not based in these fields, stay on everyone’s happy side and far away from these topics.

How to Invite ALL Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Page AT ONCE – Friendors Consultancy



Hi there, Friendors!

We all know how important social media has become in the buying process, how important it is to be visible on the internet, and dare I say, well liked. We all know we should invite our Facebook friends, and everyone else for that matter, to like our Facebook business page, so why haven’t we? We can go ahead and answer that for you now – it’s so dang time consuming, that’s why. No one wants to sit at their computer and hit an individual button that says “invite” next to every.single.one of their 2,485 friends.

But what if you could hit just a few buttons and invite ALL of your friends list AT ONCE to like your page? Would you do it? How many likes do you think you would accrue?

We tested this, a code a Friendor introduced us to a while ago, with Far Out Galaxy on their Facebook Page and the results were seriously amaze balls. At 2:00pm, we followed the procedure below, and by 5:00 pm we had 75+ new page likes. Now, 75+ is no big number, but it seems like friends are still steadily liking the page as they login and see the notification, and 75+ likes is quite a feat for a 3 hour time period on something that took us less than one minute to do. Turns out that friends come out when you invite them. 😉 Thanks, Friends!

Now follow the instructions below to get your friends to come out and like your page.

  1. Do this in Google Chrome on a Windows Computer.
  2. Since you’re inviting your friends, you’ll need to be logged into your personal account. Go to your personal timeline and you will see the “Your Pages” tab in the top right side bar – click on your page. It will then take you to your business page. Once you are on your page, a statistics box will be directly beneath your profile photo, with things like your response time, how many people you reached this week, etc. Click on “Invite friends to like This Page”.
  3. A box will pop up with all of your friends. Scroll ALLLLL the way to the bottom of the pop up until you can’t scroll anymore because it won’t populate more friends.
  4. Open the Java Script Console, a feature intended for developers, by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + J
  5. In the Console, Copy and Paste the code below EXACTLY as it is, beginning with j and ending with }, then press Enter and wait. The pop up will close after it has invited all of your friends.

     javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

WALLAH. Now you can sit back and enjoy the notifications of your friends that actually like you liking your page. Some people might say this is spamming – we simply say it’s a work around the silly system. 😉

Talk to ya next Monday!


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