How to Know if They Read Your Email – Friendors Consultancy


So, we were putting together an email for someone we admire the other day and were struggling with how to reach out to them. We thought, if we message them on Facebook or Instagram, we’ll be able to see when they read our message vs emailing where we don’t know if it hit their spam box, got lost, or if they read it but are just entirely too busy and cool to respond.

The struggle of being a millennial. Ugh. This desire to know is valid, and since emailing is much more professional, we wondered if there was something out there that tracked when emails you sent were read – to clients, employees and contractors of your team, people you admire, etc – just like social sites do.

Wouldn’t that be SO nice? You’d be able to see when your team members read your email and how long it took them to reply after reading, rest easily knowing that your email to that business you really admire was received and not lost, and so much more. So, we searched. Our search wasn’t long. It was quite short, actually. But, then again, this download is just for Gmail.

We are now officially users and fans of MailTrack, a downloadable in the Google Chrome store. It’s free for the basic package and prices are around 4.95 if you wanna start adding fancy features (which we don’t find necessary).

We thought you should know about this, gmail users.

Anyways, download this shizz. You’ll like it.

Click here to download MailTrack.

Sure, this may not be an issue you want to stress about, may even be something that would give you anxiety to know, but it works for us. 😉