How to Tag People on Your Facebook Page

Friendors, Facebook has this new thing goin’ on with Pages where you cannot tag People – in statuses, in images, in anything – as the page itself.

We know it bothers you, Page Admins, cause it bothers us too.

We had to find a way to tag. Tag, tag, tag.

So, here is a step by step on how we work our way around this nonsense. AKA, we’re trickin’ the system like the little baddies we are and teaching you our rebel ways. For the greater good.


1. Instead of a status, post an image to your Facebook page. (Images do better than text anyways)

2. Share the image to your Personal Profile from your Page.

3. Go to your Timeline and right click on the image and click ‘Open link in new tab’.

4. Once you have the new tab open, (you’ll see that it’s the old way of Facebook image viewing, not in a pop up like it is now) make sure you are ‘liking and commenting as’ yourself and not the page.

5. Tag away!


We’re not sure why our Page rights are so wack but we’re sure this will work. At least for us. 😉

If you have any questions about specifics on the steps, let us know and we’re totally here. Comment below or email hello @

We were able to tag people in statuses not long ago but something else changed and it’s a mystery to us again. Maybe we’ll be back with Part II of Facebook tagging. 😉