3 Tips to Grow Your Insta Following

how to grow your insta following

Hi there, Friendors! We’re here to share 3 tips for growing your Instagram following.

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1. 2-4 Likes, 1 Comment

Explore your feed or relevant hashtags and leave 2-4 likes and 1 genuine comment per user.

This makes you¬†appear in the users notifications multiple times so it catches their eye but not too many times so you’re not a creepy stalker. ūüėČ

Often times, this interaction with their profile results in them going to your profile and liking your photos in return in addition to possibly following you if they like what they see. And you never even followed them.


2. Exploit Hashtags – 60 per photo

Now, we know this sounds like a lot and we know you’re thinking that Instagram only allows you to use¬†30 per photo – wrong.¬†Exploit the wonderfulness of hashtags.

Why not be a part of as many communities as possible and have your photo reach as many people as possible? We’ve found a little loop hole to having 60 hashtags per photo.

When writing the caption for your image, do not put any hashtags. After you post the photo, comment on the photo with the first 30 hashtags and then edit the photos caption to include the second set of 30, allowing you to have 60 on the image total.

Do this as quickly as possible so it will show up at the top of those particular hashtag feeds before being pushed down by other users newer posts.

Once your photo has a comment or two, no one will even be able to see your hashtags comment which makes it look less spammy and more clean for users scrolling through their feed.

Having 60 hashtags does not work if you try to do them in the original caption or if you edit the caption with hashtags before leaving the hashtag comment. Do it exactly as above.


3. Post at the Right Time & Schedule Posts

Do yourself a favor and Download Publish РOn Twitter & Instagram (Also called TakeOff). 

This App will transform your Insta Game. Seriously.

It allows you to schedule photos for the best time to get the most response.

While we wish it would automatically post them without us, Instagram doesn’t allow this so it gives you a notification when its time, opens your pre loaded photo and pre written caption into Instagram. All you have to do is press post.

Instagram has its own sharing capabilities to other networks, so by default this app can also schedule your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and more for months to come.


The truth is, your photos can be amaze balls but they will not get as many likes as they should if you are not actively networking within the community, utilizing hashtags, and posting at the correct times.

Try these tips out and share this with your friends so they can grow in online success too.


If you enjoyed this post, let us know and we will continue the series.

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