A FREE Graphic Tool You Should Be Using

Hello, Friendors!

We’re here to share with you an easy (and FREEEEEEE!) tool to help get your graphic design game on without spending buttloads of money on a professional.

Don’t get us wrong, we do strongly urge you to hire a professional for your branding, logo, and website design (a total must), but when it comes to ads, Instagram posts, blog headers, Facebook cover photos, and other simple things, we know a site that will have you busting em out like it’s nobody’s business.

Canva (they’re not paying us for this post – but they should be. Hahaha!) is an easy to use tool where graphic designers have pre built designs and you can customize them to your liking with a few simple clicks. Full of typography, color palettes, and more, we know you’ll get sucked in.

Head as to Canva.com and give it a go. If you need any help, email us at hello @ Friendors .com and we will be there for you!


XOXO, Friendors Consultancy