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Instagram just swept in and made a few updates and we’re here to share How To’s on two of the features that we’ve been utilizing on the platform.

1. You can now save posts for viewing later.


Say you come across a post that you love and want to save for later. Now, just like on Facebook, Instagram has a “Saved” tab so you can do that.

You’ll notice the feature beneath the right corner of the image – a little icon that looks like a bookmark. Just tap that and you’ll notice the photo appear at the bottom of your window and the bookmark icon is now black to show it’s saved.

How do you access Saved posts later?

To access saved posts, you go to your profile and you’ll notice the bookmark icon is now next to the photos of you icon. Click it and waluh.

2. Profile tags in Stories are clickable now.

Instagram now allows clickable tags in their Stories section of the platform.

Just begin posting a story like normal. Type @username (just like with a profile post) and click their profile when it appears in the pop up options of users. Tapping the profile makes the @username underlined – that’s how you know it’s tagged.

If you do not click the user when it appears as an option and the underline does not appear then your tag isn’t being applied.

Post your story.

Since you’ve made your tag clickable, your viewers can now click it and navigate to that users profile – making the story a whole lot more interactive, effective, and user friendly.



If you have any questions or need help with anything, reach out anytime to




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Atlanta DJ Workshop with Dj Cuttlefish – Friendors Consultancy


Hey there! Friendors Consultancy here!

Dj Cuttlefish hosted and led a DJ workshop in Atlanta, GA and we had the honor of being a sponsor of this incredible event.

Dj Cuttlefish is a team of Wedding and Event DJs based in Atlanta, GA. With musical talent and experience making them some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, they taught a group of guests about set up, lighting, software, musical trends at weddings, pitch bending, and more.

A casual dress code and Organic Artisan Liqueur lightened the tone of the event, letting these guys have fun while learning and teaching one another.

If you were at this Atlanta DJ Workshop, we’d like to thank you for coming out. A full gallery of images will be coming soon.

Check out just a few of the photos by Six Hearts Photography below.

Friendors Blog Pos with logot

Event Sponsor: Friendors Consultancy

Workshop Host: Dj Cuttlefish from Far Out Galaxy

Photography: Six Hearts Photography